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J.L. Van der Heyden Neude 30C NL 3512 AG UTRECHT Netherlands Earl Charles Spencer KENSINGTON PALACE LONDON W8 4PX UNITED KINGDOM Concerns: REPORT 38 Reference: JH/CS971006 Utrecht, 6 October 1997.

Dear Charles,

Wednesday, 10-09-1997
Today I decided to continue the communication in your direction. It is a question of Honour to keep you informed about what I am doing and decided to send you a letter every month. So this is the start of the first monthly report Van der Heyden/Spencer.

I started the day with an English breakfast at King Arthur's. There they played 'Butterfly, My Butterfly. Dans un mois je reviendrai.' The green and gold butterfly is my symbol for Diana. This morning I had a telephone call with the secretary of the British Embassy and sent next fax message (10.30) to the Ambassador, Mrs Rosemary Spencer: APPOINTMENT. I also do an appeal on the Princess Diana Memory Fund to cover the expenses that I made for the development of the Cervantes Organization. Therefore I sent yesterday a letter to the International Executive of the Scientology Church in Los Angeles, with the following text: BUSINESS PLAN. At 14.20 I sent next fax message to your ambassador: PRINCESS DIANA MEMORIAL FUND. This evening I delivered copies of the letters Business Plan and Honourable Proposal in the Scientology Church in Amsterdam as well as copies of the letter of 13 August from Harrods and my fax message of 29 August 18.30 to Mohamed Al Fayed (Mr. Reijer Schaatsberger). 20.10 Back from Amsterdam. From now on Mr Guillaume Lesèvre will be my prime contact in the United States. I agreed that in the Scientology Church. I also promissed to read 'Dianetics'. On the 'Dam', the square before the Royal Palace, I admired a Russian Rock and Roll group, calling themselves The Red Elvises. They were naturally from Siberia but live in California now. I will prepare my trip to Los Angeles as from now. As soon as the Foundation receives some donations I can go there to continue Our Quixotic Quest. The letters are doing their work already. They are historical documents that will change the world as from now.

Thursday, 11-09-1997
I read that around Diana's accident still a lot of questions are to be answered. My question number one is Did my fax message of 29 August, 18.30 reach Diana and Dodi? I saw on some photographs that She was building up her mobile telephone network and probably testing the lines on security aspects if she followed my advises. If they received my message they needed a place to consider. A dinner in the Ritz seems to me the most appropriate place. If they had accepted my proposal it would be also the appriopriate place to celebrate that agreement. I also sent the floppy disks with my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales to my former colleague Elizabeth Halbertsma in NOORDWIJK with the title Testament. She has her birthday next 13 September. So yesterday evening I sent her the photograph of Diana that I bought last 22 April in Kensington High Street as a birthday card. Before posting the card I showed it to a couple of police officers at about 21.30. 'Perfect' was their reaction. My main question at the moment is Why a drunk driver was provided? - Alcohol promillage of 1.8 and the drugs fluoxetine and tiapride in his blood - Who is directly responsible for that? And what was the motive? 10.25 Phone call to the British Embassy. The phone was not answered. I am going to study Dianatics today. I notice that Herbert Spencer (1820 - 1903), English philosopher, one of the few modern thinkers to attempt a systematic account of all cosmic phenomena, including mental and social principles, stood at the basis of Dianetics.

12.10 A plane is circling around my house with the only message 'Tot Morgen' (Till Tomorrow). 13.35 Fax message to your ambassador: MESSAGE. 15.05 and 15.17 Helicopter Survey. Study of Dianetics and Corporate Governance. 16.40 Delivered my first visiting card in the Dianetics Bus on the Vreeburg Place. 20.00 Callenetics Fitness Centre. 21.30 - 22.00 Television Interview with Crown Prince Willem Alexander, recorded on 22 August in APELDOORN.

Friday, 12-09-1997
I start with the news analysis. It was a good televison interview with Willem Alexander. The reactions are positive and he did not catch into the trap in which Diana has fallen. I still regret that She did some personal statements that became fatal to Her. Once I suggested the management of the sauna in Oss to build a so called 'Diana Temple'. Yesterday evening I made my own Diana Temple with Her photograph and the message 'Diana, We will never forget you'.

In front of that photograph I lighted three candles in the colours red, green and yellow. I received those candles as a Mysterious Present on the day before She went to Australia last October. The colours are the symbols of the institutes that I have led or founded: 'Foundation Professional Education SBO (yellow)', 'Foundation Nieuw Elan (red)' and 'Institute of English Studies (green)'. I read that 71 percent of the British population finds that the royal house has to modernise, "more democratic and approachable after the example of the monarchy and the royal family in the Netherlands". That is exactly the reason why I went to ETON COLLEGE last 23 April. I discussed this issue already in October last year with an advisor of Prince Willem-Alexander on Palace Het Loo in APELDOORN after he had asked me 'Are you planning to take over the whole country, Mr van der Heyden?' My answer was 'No I prefer to leave it to others but then it have to be good ones.' 'So what do you want to do next?' was his answer, which I replied with 'Helping Princess Diana with the education of Her children.' 'That is a good idea' were his last words. And so it started. I considered this more or less as a royal permission to maintain that course. I read that you are going to divorce. That is a drastic but important decision. I hope that you will come to live in Britain again and that we can have contact to support each other and work together. I am prepared to work together. On next 4 October 14.00 I will organize a brainstormsession in my house with some interested parties to start up Cervantes Recruitment & Selection. Regarding my proposed conversation with Mrs Rosemary Spencer I will understand that she needs more time. First to investigate the Al Fayed intervention in my personal life and preparing herself for a positive outcome. 13.40 Fax message to Rosemary Spencer. Subject: Investigation and collaboration. 16.00 Fax message to Professor Knol with text 'Wednesday, 20-08-1997 out of Report 35, concerning 'account' within the framework of Corporate Governance. 17.30 fax message to the Chairman of the Commission Corporate Governance, Beursplein 5, 1012 JW Amsterdam, tel. 020-550 40 11, fax 020 - 550 49 60. 20.00 Back from the fitness. There I heard a voice from heaven 'I believe in You'. I note that Scotland is going to have its own parliament in 2000. That is good for democracy, for nobility, monarchy and the European Union. 20.57 Fax message from Professor Knol. 22.30 Answer.

Saturday, 13-09-1997
Birthday of Jan Wilzing and Elizabeth Halbertsma. I think of them. I have the feeling that my angel in NOORDWIJK is still working with me. These words are in her spirit. So I will not make any social commitment but take 28 white roses to NOORDWIJK next week. I read in the paper the positive reactions on the interview with Willem-Alexander. He is ready to become King William IV and wants to dedicate himself to water management. It reminds me of 'Watermans' in Henley-upon-Thames, the house on Harpsden Road. There my host told me 'You have nothing to fear from the Prince of Wales' and they provided me a poem from Rudyard Kipling. I would have read this poem next 28 September when Diana would have given a positive answer to my proposal. Now I wrote in my Testament to Elizabeth that I have a new vision. That is that my last resting place will be a little island in a lake of the estate of Althorp. I hope you will respect that last wish and place this poem with another one on our graveyard. 12.00 Fax message to Cesar Rennert of Rennert Bilingual in New York.

Sunday, 14-09-1997
Two weeks to go. I will go to APELDOORN alone that day. I am writing from the train Utrecht-VEENENDAAL to visit there a sauna. It is the sauna of my Christmas story that I sent to St. James's Palace last Christmas and undersigned with 'Prince of Europe'. When I passed the beating Heart of the Netherlands they played "The Angel and the Dreamer". The dreamer has to wait until another angel will appear on the scene, but still some of our dreams will come true. Yesterday I received some information from "Study Travel" which I replied with the proposal to change their name into Cervantes Travels. In the sauna cabine a blond lady took place next to me on my red towel. She was sitting on a white one. Red and white is still a beautiful combination. I still love her, dear Charles. I made my acquaintance with a British citizen with a Pakistan outlook. He appeared to have a noble character and good manners. I told my secret to some persons and my decision to carry on with The Project. I also requested the management to change the name of their "Kruidentempel" into "Diana Temple". In fact all my organizations have been born there and a new organization has found her roots there again today. In Utrecht I hear the songs 'You won't go to heaven if you break my heart' and 'She was still too young to fall in love'. Back home I pass by "Bunschoten & De Gooyer, Hofleverancier, Oude Gracht 118 Utrecht" with the image "Burberrys of London". Celebrating 100 Years, Willemars Tailors. Since 1850. This will be my new tailor.

Monday, 15-09-1997
I think of the cat on the roof and wait for the invitation of Rosemary Spencer. I light every evening three candles for Diana. Now I will reserve this evening to dedicate myself to the Business Woman 1998. During the day studying Dianetics on the roof of the house. I had no time for that. This afternoon I received the following message from the British Embassy. Which I replied at 15.45 as follows: "Dear Mrs Coward, Thank you very much for your fax message of today with the message that there is a memorial service for Princess Diana at the Kloosterkerk, Lange Voorhout at 1800 on Wednesday 17 September. I will be there of course. I understand that the Ambassador is not available for a meeting at present due to her very busy schedule and hope to meet her as soon as she will have some more air to breathe in. So please let me know when she is available. For the good order I report that I sent my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales to Her brother Earl Charles addressed KENSINGTON PALACE and will continue keeping him informed in a monthly report starting next 10 October". Then I sent a letter to Elizabeth about the developments: Ontwikkelingen. This evening I will light another candle for Diana in conmemorance of the candle that I lighted on 1 August 1996 in Canterbury Cathedral that has become a Candle in the Wind. Next Wednesday I will bring 28 white roses to Elizabeth in conmemorance of My Fifth Rose: the Rose of England. I have still one candle left. It dates from 25 December 1996. I will never burn up that one! Tonight I choose for the GREEN Light.

Tuesday, 16-09-1997
Today it is Prince's Day again in the Netherlands. I will take up contact with my former neighbours and send the Business Plan as well as the correspondence PJ/YP to the chairman of the Foundation Professional Education, my former neighbour and representative.

Wednesday, 17-09-1997
I received enclosed list of participants of the Congress of Spanish next 27 September. Tomorrow I will send them the following message:

"With thanks to Intertaal, Association Spanish at School and Association of Teachers in Living Languages for the sending of the list of participants of the 'Congreso de Didáctica del Español, Utrecht, 27 de septiembre de 1997' I have the honour to send you herewith my policy plan Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. This plan is deposited with amongst others the governments of the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom and the European Commission. The plan is an employment plan for Dutch and English speaking people with Spanish as their second language. I request you to study this plan and to see if you can pay a contribution to the development of this plan as a volunteer, investor, governor, typist, contribuant to cover the developing costs or every other way. Now I have worked six years on the development of the plan and personally invested 75.000 guilders (without interest) out of my own means. For the good order I report that in the United Kingdom I had delegated my responsibilities to My Royal Highness Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Regarding the tragic developments there I feel myself called upon to return to England as soon as possible to provide in the vacation. More reason that my ideas will be taken over and executed in the Benelux by capable people. I hope to count on your collaboration." and enclosed the Business Plan on floppy disk.

Friday, 19-09-1997
My work stagnated indeed last Wednesday because I had to go to de Baak in NOORDWIJK after the memorial service. Before the service I went to our parliament, because our government still owes me more than eighty million guilders.

Then I went to the service, with fourteen Diana roses instead of 28. We heard the speaches of Ds. C.A. ter Linden, the Venerable Geoffrey Allen, Archdeacon in North West Europe, Lt. Col. Christopher Le Hardy, Miss Rosemary Spencer, representatives of different churches and the sermon by The Right Reverend John B. Taylor. It was very impressive because the main theme was faith, hope and love. I had a short conversation with Ruth Coward, Miss Spencer's secretary.

She thanked me for coming but was still very shocked and I promissed her to come back hoping to give them some consolation. Then I went to NOORDWIJK to spend the night. I got room number 2.14. That had to be 1.28 again.

The next day I got my black bathrobe back with the silver crown. Today I can be accused to be egoistic because I sent my mailing and I will not go into a discussion. I see that the name of Princess Diana will be protected by the Diana Princess of Wales Fund and only institutions with good intentions may use the name. I consider my institution as such, because the Princess Diana Fund is part of my Cervantes Project and I was planning such a fund during Her life already. Next 12 November there will be a charity concert for Her and I hope to receive an invitation this time.

Saturday, 20-09-1997
As you will see in the Business Plan that family can be the Association Instituto Cervantes in Madrid. It can also be the British Royal Family because I called Diana My Royal Highness. I am prepared to a compromise and will invite our actual Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr Hans Wijers, to become the first Financial Economic Director of The Company. Mr Wijers paid a contribution at the opening of the Spanish namesake on the Domplein. 17.30 I received enclosed card of The British Ambassador on behalf of the British Royal Family. This means that Our Company is recognized now by Five Royal Houses. Diana will remain Head of the Organization, although it will be posthumous. I sent letters Carriêreplanning to our State's Secretary of Economic Affairs offering him the above mentionned function after having finished his ministerial term and Sociale Paragraaf to our Minister of Labour and Social Affairs requesting to delegate a member of his department in the government of the foundation in order to establish a social paragraph for Spanish speaking allochtons. I went to the roof of my house and noticed that at the roof of my neighbours their candle has been blown by the wind.

At 19.30 I sent the following fax message to Mr George Görtemöller: Concerns: Financial Economic Director. Dear George, Herewith you receive the message that I received today on behalf of the British Royal Family. This implies that my institute is now recognized by the Royal Houses of Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and the United Kingdom. It is although very sad that my aimed partner therefore has had to give Her life. Besides you receive the text of the letter to the State's Secretary of Economic Affairs with the request to occupy the function of Financial Economic Director of The Company after finishing his ministerial term. Tomorrow I will provide a compromise proposal to the management of my Spanish colleagues on the Domplein".

I eat 'Engelse drop' (tit bit mixture) this evening and drank five tins of The Queen of Beers. I also bought a bag of 'Wilhelmina Peppermints'. I hear that Diana's driver has not driven to fast. Please come back to Europe. I also received the last edition of Vorsten with the image on the front page how My Dream of Red and Yellow was carried to the grave. But We will carry on.

Sunday, 21-09-1997
This afternoon I delivered the letter on the Domplein 3 with the text: 'D. Germán Gullón, Director del Centro Cultural, Instituto Cervantes Utrecht, Domplein 3, 3512 JC UTRECHT, Fecha: 21 de Septiembre de 1997, Concierne: Colaboración. I may presume that I don't have to translate this letter. Then I went to King Arthur's and had a conversation with a wonderful Scottish lady from Dundee with the name Marjory. I spoke with her about my journey to Fort William and my experiences with the Dundee Weavers.

I was 18 years at the time and my Scottish companion Dennis Weaver from Glasgow told me that the Van der Heyden family is a high noble family. That was my great revelation in Scotland, because I did not even know. At about 16.20 I went to the roof of my house and heard two shots. So at 16.35 I sent next fax message to our Minister of Justice: 'Dear Mrs Sorgdrager, I just fleed from the roof terrace of my house after having heard two shots. Again I do not feel myself safe. Therefore you receive herewith my fax message to my old friend J. Wilzing that I sent last night at 1.00 'o clock and copy of the card that I received yesterday on behalf of the British Royal Family and my letter Colaboración directed tot the management of the Spanish Instituto Cervantes on the Domplein. 'Security First' is the device. Last Wednesday I still have been able to see you at work from the public tribune in our House of Commons before I went to the Memorial Service of My Lady. This afternoon I visited King Arthur's Pub on the Oude Gracht for a while. I hope to be able to continue that during some years without having the risk to be shot down.' A quarter of an hour later I heard police action.18.00 First reaction on the Business Plan from Mrs. Francis Jousma, De Beugel 4, 2811 RR Reeuwijk. After that I went to the St. Janskerk (St. John's Church) with the coat in arms of Gaspar van der Heyden, founder of our State's Church: a sheep with the flag of England. I ended the day in King Arthur's.

I think of two families: the Spanish and the British Royal Families. I do not expect much room from the Spanish namesake, because I took the name of their national heroe away. I also think that I have to find extra room in England. Regarding my research I wrote the following letter to Dame Rosemary Spencer that I will deliver next Wednesday at the British Embassy.

"Dear Miss Spencer,
First of all I wish to express my gratefulness for having had the occasion to be present at the Memorial Service for My Royal Lady last week. I am glad that the Embassy announced to take measures against those who will abuse Her name, although it is too late. In spite of everything Her name was connected with my Cervantes Project and that will ever remain that way. I am convinced that My Lady has caught into a trap that has cost Her life. You herewith find my Business Plan and Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales on floppy disk. I sent almost every letter registered and with the approval of the bodyguard of Prince William at ETON COLLEGE, Sergeant David Sharp, who told me that I would receive an official reply from KENSINGTON PALACE in due course. Also you find my
Business Plan in Dutch, English and Spanish that I sent last Friday to the participants of the 'Congreso de Didáctica del Español' in Utrecht next 27 September. I understood that Mr Trevor Rees Jones has recovered in so far that he will be able to do some declarations about what happened in Paris. Of course I am anxious to know if my proposal to My Beloved Princess has been discussed at that time. I hope my plans will be supported by the Princess Diana Fund and I will be invited for the charity concert in London next 12 November, because I am determined to continue Her work in Her name."

Today I wrote the following letter to your Prime Minister: Faith, Hope and Love

Tuesday, 23-09-1997
I think my proposed journey to the United States has to be postponed because you need me in order to confirm my declarations in my letters. I am very shocked again about what I read today on page T13: 'Mysteries around Diana. According to the prominent American magazine TIME a doctor of the hospital where Princess Diana was treated after her fatal accident, said to a colleague, that the princess who first was inconscious, recovered a few times. One time she had mumbled that she was "six weeks pregnant". With that she brushed with her hand over her abdomen. The English newspaper Sunday Telegraph wrote how Dodi's father with the help of his spokesman Michael Cole had leaked out details of the meetings of his with Diana with gossip journalists. Thus numerous photographers were present during the first visit of the princess to the Fayed yaght 'Jonika' in South France. All of them had been informed before about time and place of this particular meeting. Most stories of the couple were published by journalists who had a good confidential relationship with the Fayed family. Thus the gossip journalist of the Daily Mail Nigel Dempster wrote these articles in his paper and not, as usual, the royalty correspondent Richard Kay'. If this is true - and I have no reason to doubt about that - the Chairman of Harrods abused Diana for his own purposes and his son has to be accused for misbehaviour if he has made love to her before her new marriage. First I will come to England again before taking the decision to go to America. The most important issue is Security First and the responsibles have to pay their debts first. I leave that to their own sense of responsibility.

Thursday, 25-09-1997
Yesterday I made my testament and brought it to the reception of de Baak with the request to Mrs Halbertsma to lock it up in the safe: Research voor Beleid.
The tensed relationship with the family concerns the relationship with the family de Bourbon. After my investigation of the family Van der Heyden dite de la Bruyère I found the family castle Château de la Bruyère in the Mâcon in France at about twenty kilometres form the village of Bourbon. So it is not implausible that the Bourbons are also a branche of our family. Apparently the most prominent Bourbon is President of the Association Cervantes in Madrid. Therefore Sunday afternoon I deposited a compromise proposal in the letterbox on the Domplein with the message to tolerate the activities there aganist a fee for the Foundation Cervantes Benelux.

I await a proposal from their side. I also offered Hans Wijers to occupy the function of Financial Economic Director of the holding at the end of his ministerial term. I reported this by fax to George. My sharpness has to do with Sergeant David Sharp in England. Last Sunday I felt threatened when I was on the roof terrace and heard two dry shots. Therefore I inventarised my research today. It is the colour of a cesspool. Of this you also receive my information within the framework of my testament on the floppies 'Research for Governance I and II'. Let that matter rest and regard this only as a prove of loyalty. Not more and not less. I indeed do not have the impression that my surrounding is prepared to give me the extra room that I need. Therefore in this country apparently one has to think criminal and perhaps act criminal.

Of that I am not a supporter however. Therefore I will search for that room again in England. There one looks at me with respect judging enclosed message that I received on behalf of the British Royal Family. Meantime I held the Chairman of Harrods personally reponsible at the British Embassy for the death of Diana. That seems to be justified judging what I read on page T13 of de Telegraaf. I quote: 'Mysteries around Diana. According to the prominent American magazine TIME a doctor of the hospital where princess Diana was treated after her fatal accident, said to a colleague, that the princess who first was inconscious, recovered a few times. One time she had mumbled that she was "six weeks pregnant". With that she brushed with her hand over her abdomen. The English newspaper Sunday Telegraph wrote how Dodi's father with the help of his spokesman Michael Cole had leaked out details of the meetings of his with Diana with gossip journalists. Thus numerous photographers were present during the first visit of the princess to the Fayed yaght 'Jonikal' in South France. All of them had been informed before about time and place of this particular meeting. Most stories of the couple were published by journalists who had a good confidential relationship with the Fayed family. Thus the gossip journalist of the Daily Mail Nigel Dempster wrote these articles in his paper and not, as usual, the royalty corresponent Richard Kay'

I am patient and remain polite under all circumstances. But this case will certainly get an aftermath because that man apparently had no manners and could not get his hands - and whatever more - of my princess. However I will not start another fight. Let him come over the bridge himself now. He has had his lesson. I rather prefer to put my energy in more positive matters, such as the education of William and Harry. Therefore I sent Tony Blair meanwhile a second request to grant me an appartment and office at KENSINGTON PALACE and have financed that from the Princess Diana Fund. The far journey will thus not take place for the time being. But I do go to England again as soon as I receive the invitation therefore. The front page of the magazine Vorsten shows this time how my Dream of Red and Yellow is carried to the grave. My dream of purple and red remains upright however and I feel myself strenghtened by Orange very strongly.

24 September 1997
I think of two neighbours. I can not visit them because I am on de Baak. In the first place I think of KENSINGTON PALACE because it is next to Hyde Park. This afternoon in any case I go to the British Embassy to pass on there my Letters to Diana Princess of Wales to the Ambassador. In the second place I think of my former neighbour from Maarn, about whom you ever told me under covered terms that you would have troubles if I would go to have a game of tennis with him. That was the reason that I sold the business in 1992 for Dulcinea. Last week I still wrote him a letter with the title Candle in the Wind. Of course this also belongs to my testament. So here you are. Another testament is that one of Diana. She leaves 130 million guilders behind. Diana had administered her property by independant financial experts. The biggest part of the inheritance goes to prince Harry. Prince William receives a much smaller part. This because in the future he will inherit all the posessions of his father. The fortune for William and Harry becomes free on their 25th birthday. The testament of Diana will be opened within six months. Her inheritance will be administered by lawyer Anthony Julius, the same adviser who arranged last year the divorce of Charles and Diana. He has announced that Diana has put in writing Her last will at the end of last year.

I hope that She did not forget me. Because I engaged myself to Her on 25 December 1996 in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden. Within the framework of 'Governing is looking ahead' it appears good to me that Prince Henry after 13 years will fulfill the function of President of the International Cervantes Foundation. Therefore I will really give Him my personal guidance. This can also be considered by Tony Blair. I also copied my letter to the Prime Minister on 'RvBII'. This also concerns the mailing to the congress participants of next Saturday and my compromise proposal to the management of the Instituto Cervantes on the Domplein (on RvBIII). To be complete also all my letters to the Dutch Government and to de Baak. Do you still think of my questionnaire? Just send it to me. With kind regards,
INSTITUTO CERVANTES Wales, Engeland, Luxemburg, België, Nederland

- Card of the British Royal Family of 19-09-1997 directed to Instituto Cervantes ICNBLEW
- Research for Governance, 444 pages on floppy disk in ClarisWorks (Macintosh)
- Letter PJ/HN970916 'Candle in the Wind' of 16-09-1997 to my 'neighbour' on floppy disk RvBII
- Letter JH/TB970922 of 22-09-1997 to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on floppy disk RvBII
- Mailing to participants III Congreso de Didáctica del Español on floppy disk RvBIII
- Letter ICBNBLEW/ICU970921 of 21-09-1997 to the director of the Centro Cultural Instituto Cervantes Utrecht
- Correspondance to the Dutch Government until today on floppy disk RvBIV
- Correspondance to de Baak until today on floppy disk RvBV en RvBVI

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am become as sounding brass, or a thinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it profiteth me nothing. Love sufferth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vauntheth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

Before going to NOORDWIJK I went to the Hague where I first delivered my 'Letters to Diana' at the British Embassy and went afterwards to the ROI, the Rijks Opleidings Instituut, that participates in the Government Game Competition. I spoke with Claudia and requested to have studied the plan to see if the ROI can pay a contribution to the development of Cervantes Education and Training. She passes the plan to to the marketing manager, Mr John van Baalen and Mr Karel Jacobs, the student counsellor. At de Baak I assisted the Corporate Governance session, presided by my old colleague Ruud van der Zalm. Professor Mr W.J. Slagter presented his speech about the issue and participated in the discussion. I agreed to go to the presentation of next 2 October as well. If I do not yet have to go to England at the time I will attend the meeting of 9 October too. The number of English visitors of the fitness center is increasing. I listen to the music of Man of la Mancha. Once I called someone Dulcinea after I started my Quixotic Quest in April 1992. I gave her my testament yesterday. I listen to the song To dream the impossible dream. She is now in heaven But don Quijote is not dead Believe that! Now I know why She came to see me. I understand that She was insecure, because She did not come in. Who will ever understand that? My testament to Dulcinea contains also my last will: to be buried on an island on the estate of Althorp. Beside Her. With this song on my tombstone. But before We have to carry on Her work. There is still a lot of work to do. No one understood Diana. I was the only one. I read that you are planning to come back to Althorp. I will be there as soon as you are home again. But now I will listen to the service of 6 September. Her candle burned out on the first of August last year in Canterbury Cathedral. That is not so long ago. After that date more candles have been burned for Her and Her torch I will always carry too and My Fifth Rose will not have to grow in my heart in the future, because She is already part of Mine. On the cupboard in my room I have five tins of the Queen of Beers. With Five golden crowns. They represent the recognition of Our Company by five Royal Houses. I drink a glass of Imperator. Nevertheless the responsibles for Her death have to pay their debts. I can not understand that Mr Carey could pray for the person who brought Her down although he is dead as well. I do not want to hear his name ever again. His father is in great debt with Us.

Friday, 26-09-1997
This concerns the date that I have this evening with Miss Silvia Calles (Elviralaan 314 The Hague) at 18.30 in 't Goude Hooft' in the Hague. So I will cancel that date. I read an article in NRC about Christie's and I owe you the text of the letter that I sent to Christie's Amsterdam last 29 August: De Rode Loper. Today I sent this message also to your Ambassador with the request to send me the address of Althorp.

Saturday, 27-09-1997
Yesterday I received a letter from the 'III Congreso de Didáctica del Español, 1997. Comité de Organización, Romerostraat 29, 3573 AB Utrecht., of 24 September with the message:

'Dear John,
The past days it has become clear that you have used the list of participants of the Congress to send a great number of participants a mailing regarding the so called 'policy plan Instituto Cervantes NBLEW'. At this moment we are considering if you, by acting this way, you have legally abused our, for a very determined purpose made available address dates. We also take into consideration if Editorial Intertaal by your way of acting has been damaged in its economic interest, and if the Instituto Cervantes Utrecht considers itself damaged in its legal and moral interests. If this would be thus, we will take up the question with the parties involved and asked them to take appropriate action. For us, as organizational committee of the Congress, at this moment it is clear in any way that you thresspassed elementary norms of decency by giving the idea if the organizing bodies in any way would be involved in the mailing attended by you and that the list of participants, without consent from our side, has been used for private purposes, instead of considering it as a service to the participants of the congress to what it, seen the context in which it has been sent to the participants, is meant more than clearly. We part from the idea, and will look after consciously, that in the future you will abstain from actions like this or any comparable action, before, during as well as after the congress. Anyway we give you in consideration to take the moral consecuences from your behaviour and not to be present next Saturday. On behalf of the organizational committee. Jan Peter Nauta.'

Last evening I inmediately delivered a letter at his home address with the following text:

'Comité de Organización, Jan Peter Nauta UTRECHT. Concerns: Mourning process, Rouwverwerking Utrecht, 26 September 1997. Herewith I let you know that tomorrow I will not be present because I have not dealt yet with the sudden death of my partner in the United Kingdom. I received your letter of Wednesday. It is again a prove of the obstruction that I have experienced in the Netherlands during the last years. My plan is an excellent plan that has to guarantee work for all Spanish 'pour outs' in the Benelux in the future. It has been born, matured and developed in employers' circles (VNO-NCW) and therefore it can count on a broad support of the Dutch trade and industry if it will be picked up appropriately. Everyone can take out of it what is good for him or her. I also parted from the idea that it would have your approval because you were very well informed. As I already have reported to many parties the 'Instituto Cervantes' on the Domplein is in principle illegal. I have explained this some time ago to the lawyer of the Association Instituto Cervantes in Madrid in an extensive briefing and reported to the Prime Minister. Nevertheless I offered mister Gullón last Sunday a collaboration proposal. I have understood that Don Juan Carlos de Borbón y Borbón at the moment is the chairman of the Spanish institute. The family de Bourbon is a supposed branch of the medieval high noble family Van der Heyden dite de la Bruyère. I am myself probably a descendant of Gaspar van der Heyden (1530-1584), founder of the Nether Dutch Reformed Church and personal friend of William of Orange. Gaspar was, because of his heague sermons the direct cause of the Eighty Years' War. My foundation of the Instituto Cervantes Benelux has as ideological motive closing the historical gab between the Netherlands and Spain that had been caused by my supposed ancestor. As I found here more obstruction than collaboration I have looked for support in England. Princess Diana was therefore the most suitable partner, regarding Her interest for Cervantes and Her own 'Quixotic Quest'. Regarding the tragic ending of the development - for which I hold personally responsable anyone of yours who obstructed me during the last years - I will go to England again to compensate the damage caused by you. I hope that in the Netherlands now one person will stand up who really dares to take responsibility and advise you to read this letter directly after the congress to the participants. On the first place a government for the foundation has to be formed and the developmental process has to be started. I can not do everything alone. I also reported that to the Queen. I am only interested in positive collaboration proposals. I have reported that to the lawyer of the Spanish King. I hope to receive good news in due course finally. And regarding the moral aspect I can report that next Sunday I will go to the Anglican Chapel of Palace Het Loo, where Sunday a party had to be celebrated. Enclosed you also find copy of a letter that I received last year on behalf of My Lady. So I release that one now for the first time. Because now She is dead anyhow. Still one time I will pray about faith, hope and love and hope in the future to expect a more positive basic attitude of yours.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am become as sounding brass, or a thinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it profiteth me nothing. Love sufferth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vauntheth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. And now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

With kind regards,
On behalf of the Royal Houses of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales



- 'Paars vol lof over Kok en Van Mierlo'
- Letter of13 November 1996 of Het Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden
- Message of the British Royal Family directed to our company, with orange supporting colour
- Front page of the liturgy of the memorial service for My Lady on 17-09-1997 6 p.m.

Sunday, 28 September 1997
I said the prayer in the Anglican Chapel at 15.20 p.m. and followed a guided tour. I read the text in the Great Hall. "Great Hall or Audience Chamber William III (1650 - 1702), King of Great Britain and Ireland, Prince of Orange, Count of Nassau, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Overijssel and Mary II (1662 - 1694), Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Princess of Orange"

16.40 Dinner can not be served today.

18.35 Estate De Engelenburg Brummen
I have a 'Brugse Straffe Hendrik'. Probably the city of Bruges has been called tafter the family Van der Heyden dite de la Bruyère. Because the exercised great influence in Flanders during the middle ages. Bartalk with Ramon. I heard that Diana visited this place three quarters of a year ago. I decided to stay and have dinner here starting with deep fried celeriac and vinagrette of roasted sesamseeds and honey and a red wine Cape Red from South Africa: Drost Dy Hof.

I have dinner again with an empty chair, Dear Charles, but I hope We can solve that problem together in the future. There are a lot of British guests who speak about Dodi Fayed. I have only one opinion: Dodi Fayed abused the situation. Today I would have married Her. I hope they will be aware of that.

For dessert I chose for "IJstaartjes van limoensorbet en Italiaans schuim, geserveerd met vanille saus". Translated into English "Lemon meringue ice cream with vanillesauce".

The wine was 'Engeltjipipi' Van de Twee Jonge gezellen Estate. This 275 years old family wine estate is the oldes of South Africa but one. Nicky and Mary Krone with their three sons live there now. Nicky Krone is the winner of the Winemaker of the Year Award 1995. He already belonged to the best winemakers of the country.

Engeltjipipi, South African for 'Angel on the tongue....'

At the end of the last century uncle Hendrik spoke these words for the first time on his estate at the tasting of this very special desert wine. Since then it has kept that name. Only one or two of each ten years small quantities of this botrytis are good enough to be harvested and bottled as real Engeltjipipi. So it is the very most delicious desert wine of the country....

And "Mag die Engeltjies U geselligheid met vreugde geën!"

I can not forget
The Angel on the Bridge!

and of course
Zahn Flower from South Africa

22.45 Now they play "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" of Mozart. The favourite music of my father. Mozart was also a descendant of the Haydn Dynasty. I will take two empty bottles of 'Twee Jonge Gezellen" to the Neude in Utrecht. With an Angel as the Symbol.

29 September 1997
Brummen 11.30. I made my testament in the blue diary with Peter Pan that I bought in KENSINGTON PALACE last 18 August. 13.20 I read the article "Free at last" in "Vorsten October 1997" pages V8 and V9. I translate the last sentences: "According to Earl Spencer the Princess was endlessly searching for possibilities to leave England and wanted to withdraw herself completely. She thougth that She had found someone who accepted and loved Her without conditions. His stormy jet-set past did not seem to be the best guarantee. Diana has not tasted liberty. That would only start after her death. Free at last! And now a mythe. It had to be spared to Her two sons."

The magazine ends with a purple flower. The editor knew who was Diana's real partner who was waiting for Her to give Her the freedom She really needed. "Ramon" told me yesterday that the members of the British Royal Family had become great fans of mine already. And Our Royal Household was very well acquainted as I noticed yesterday in Palace Het Loo.

Nobility Dear Charles seems not to be welcome in this country. I understand Diana's problem. It is the same as mine. I want to leave this country as soon as possible and come to live in England, where nobility still is appreciated by Nobility itself. My grieve is even as great as yours. You are Her brother, but believe me. No one meant more to me than your youngest sister although that I rarely met Her.

I remember Queen Wilhelmina Who wrote Her Eenzaam maar niet alleen (Lonely but not alone) on Palace Het Loo. I find myself alone again and need a solution not to remain lonely for the rest of my life.

I only think of You Dear Charles. You can count on My Moral Support. Because you need it.

Here we are. I see you on page V/17 staring at the flowers on the islad near Althorp House. It is also my last wish to be buried on that island next to Diana. But before you will count on my friendship because you have to endure an almost unhuman process: a divorce, leaving four children behind and taking up new responsibilities in England. I also read that Prince Charles takes Harry on safari in South Africa and shows himself prepared to respect your wish to continue Diana's educational ideas and wishes.

Tuesday, 30 September 1997
My mourning process will take more time than I expected. Within this context I will elaborate all my Letters to Diana for a publication. I hope that will have your approval. That will also be the best way to let people understand who I really am. It also may produce some financial results to start up the organisation. I also hope to receive some donations from the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund which has become the greatest fund that has ever existed in the world, as I read. Today I start with editing the letters. 16.30 Finally! The Dutch Government is paying attention to my plans today. I received a phone call from Mr P. van Dun on behalf of the Minister of Social Affairs with the request to send him the Business Plan. So I did.

Wednesday, 1 October 1997
'Go for it!'. That was told to me by a member of the Royal Household at BUCKINGHAM PALACE when I told him that I could become head of the Church of England because of my supposed descendance. I read page T19 about the making of the book of Andrew Morton in the second half of 1991 and noticed that Diana had exactly the same problems as I had in exactly the same period. That is why I became interested in Her and understood Her completely. I still hear Mr Carey say. Now abideth faith, hope, love. But the greatest of these is love. Let the blessings of the Lord be with you! These are the circumstances now. I will continue the editing of the book Letters to Diana and dedicate it to you amongst some others.

Thursday, 2 October 1997
Of course this concerns the mysterious present that I received last year. The glamour is Diana. Today I go to NOORDWIJK again for Corporate Governance. I will buy nine bunches of purple flowers for the management. I hope my British friends are already considering my request. Yesterday I received five pounds on my account from The Royal Collection / Windsor. So I see I have your attention already, although the transaction dates from 18 August. Today and tomorrow in Leiden also the liberation from the Spaniards is celebrated. I think I have to be there as well of course. Willem Alexander was also in Leiden yesterday. He extinguished there a fire in the Haagstraat. The fire brigade is still very active in the region since I visited Henley on 6 August last year.

Saturday, 4 October 1997
Today I decided to delegate all my authorities in the Benelux and the United Kingdom to Elizabeth Halbertsma, director Management Centre VNO-NCW. I also decided to come to South-Africa as soon as possible. I hope you will receive me as your guest, because we have a lot to contemplate together. I send you the manuscript of my Letters to Diana. I will publish this as a book, but of course in complete harmony with the persons who gave their own special contribution. I am going to continue Diana's Quest. I told this already this afternoon here in Covent Garden. Of course you will also be very welcome here. It is a modest appartment. But the location can be compared with Park Lane in London. I called a friend of mine. He is a wine importer. I proposed him to go together to South-Africa in due course and visit the wine estate of Uncle Hendrik. Then I can come to visit you.

Sunday, 5 October 1997
Black ink today. I am writing in the train from Utrecht to Arnhem (15.20) with my pen from KENSINGTON PALACE. I bring my first sample of the Manuscript of Letters to Diana to my parents in Nijmegen as well as copies of the letters Verdere Berichtgeving and Starter van het Jaar to the Director of the Management Centre VNO-NVW. Last mentionned letter contains the following


"Herewith I, Johannes L. Van der Heyden, born 9 November 1947 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, authorize Mrs Drs E.H. Halbertsma, Director Management Centre VNO-NCW in NOORDWIJK to take all legal actions on behalf of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux, Instituto Cervantes Benelux and Limited Company Instituto Cervantes England and Wales in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg as well as in the United Kingdom." It considers specificly the governance of account number 66834465 at NatWest Kensington Royal Branche in Kensington High Street. Thus she can take up the further developments in the time that I come to South-Africa. Of course I have no inconvenience against mutual exchange of my confidential information between the two of yours.

Monday, 6 October 1997
11.22 Train Nijmegen-Utrecht. Today I delivered the manuscript at the District Court facing them with the damage they caused as a consequence of the delay in the procedure regarding my request for the title of Graaf to be converted into Earl in England. I referred to the letters of 13-11-1996 of Het Stadhouderlijk Hof, my fax message to David Sharp, the letter of Harrods of 13 August and both of my reactions to Mohamed Al Fayed. My horoscope advises to get into contact with my beloveds. I find them in NOORDWIJK of course and propose myself to speak with them next Friday. Agenda.

1. Formation Council of Governors (Raad van Bestuur)
2. Formation Council of Commissionars (Raad van Commissarissen)
3. Attraction Venture Capitalists/shareholders
4. Start up business units by participants of the Businessplan Contest 1997 "Starter of the year" (brochure enclosed)
5. Opening and Governance bank account 66834465 at NatWest Kensington/Folkestone
6. Decision about European Cervantes Foundation: Collaboration Treaty with Spanish namesake (to be delegated)

Remarkable of the brochure Starter van het jaar is the combination of the colours red and yellow and the image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Awards will be presented to the winners on next 12 December on de Baak. 12.20 Conversation with paper-seller in Utrecht about his Balmoral cigars. This afternoon I got some information about travelling to South-Africa. I hope to meet you very soon. With sympathy, respect and best wishes. Yours, JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN


- Card of The British Ambassador on behalf of the British Royal Family of 19-09-1997

- List of participants of the 'Congreso de Didáctica del Español, Utrecht, 27 de septiembre de 1997
- Business Plan in English, Dutch and Spanish on floppy disk in 'ClarisWorks' (Macintosh)
- Manuscript 'Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales' on floppy disk in 'ClarisWorks' (Macintosh)
- Letter ICB/Justitie970906 to the District Court Utrecht, delivered 6 October 1997
- Authorization Mrs E.H. Halbertsma date 6 October 1997
- Brochure 'Businessplan Contest 1997'