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5 January 1997 DIRECT METHOD Dear Diana, I herewith announce that I am going to take measures against the manipulations of the British Press regarding your personal life. Specifically against the Daily Mirror as the result of the article 'Yes it is love' in the Sunday Mirror of today. I already took measures against the Dutch tabloid magazine Privé concerning the same situation. In the article 'My love for Diana, by Dr Khan' the father of heart surgeon Hasnat Khan expresses 'There is no force in world that will prevent Hasnat from marrying his Princess'. I will not doubt about the sincere feelings of Mr Khan, but he certainly will not be the only one and I ask myself some sincere questions about that situation. For example: How can a Pakistan heart surgeon contribute to the education of the future king of Britain by marrying his mother? I love you too and your children, although we had not the occasion for a meeting yet. And I also have feelings. In the same article you are called queen of hearts. I was the first one sending you a letter with golden hearts. I am responsible for the golden hearts I left the 6th of November in the Laekense Straat in BRUSSELS, which had been visited by your ex-husband a few days before. I am responsible for the protection of the whole British Royal Family against Dutch criminals. I am responsible for the message that I will punish every interference in personal matters concerning the present and late members of the British Royal Family by Decrete. I am personally responsible for a letter to the Duke of Edinburough concerning the use of arms by Prince William and Prince Philip's humiliation of Your Mother. Of course I love you. And not only because of your beautiful eyes. I love you because of the warmth you radiate towards other people and deep felt charity. I love you because of your loving expression for a baby child being expressed in your photograph with sunflowers in 'The Sun' of November the eleventh. When I look at that photograph I can sincerely say: 'I love you Di'. For that reason I wore my orange and sunflower tie during the Christmas Dinner. I enclose copies of the letters and faxes I transmitted considering this situation. I will send a copy of this letter to the Daily Mirror within a month unless I receive your request to abandon this proposed action and an invitation for a meeting. The day you received my letter of the seventh of October you declared before BBC that the hoax in the Sun had something to do with your first engagement after your divorce. In the same way I consider my Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day evenso as my first engagement after my divorce and I will continue my fight for peace and joy together. My love for you is genuine. But take your time. You need it. I will keep standing behind you and defend you in this country.

You may consider my letter of the 28th of December as a serious proposal although I know that I still have a lot of preparative work to do. From Taylor & Francis Limited, Basingstoke, I received 'Cybernetics and Systems, An International Journal, Volume 27'. Although I have no experience with this type of science I think it may be interesting for the benefit of the educational programme of Prince William. It is a technical instrument to implement a control system and to improve stability. I think the new applications of cybernetic methods may contribute to the stabilization of British Monarchy. I am prepared to help you in that process. Please take good care of yourself. Yours loving. John Van der Heyden. Enclosed: Letter to Mr Cesar Rennert, New York, 26-09-96, concerning THE PARALLEL PARTNER; Fax to the Management of de Baak, 7-10-96, concerning 'D Day';

Letter to Mr Cesar Rennert, New York, 8-10-96, concerning 'New Hope'; Fax to the Royal House of the Netherlands, 14-10-96, concerning the education of William and Harry; Fax to our State Secretary (Minister) of Justice, 19-10-96, concerning 'Protection House of Windsor'; Fax to the Management of de Baak, 18-11-96, concerning tabloid practices; Letter to the editor of the magazine 'Privé', 29-11-96, concerning secrecy; Letter to the editor of the magazine 'Privé', 3-12-96, concerning warning for an insurance claim; Letter to H.R.H. Prince Philip, 21-12-96, concerning 'Education'; Christmas Card of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands; Christmas Card of the Prime Minister of Spain; Christmas Card of the President of the Dutch Employer's Organization; Christmas Card of the Staff of Rennert Bilingual, New York. Total number of pages: 15. Photographs: Bridge behind my house: Symbol of a New Future; Numbers 95, 101, 105, 111 of the 'Rue de Laeken' in BRUSSELS, 6th November 1996, for the benefit of the Queen of Hearts.