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Wednesday 22 January 1997
Yesterday I sent a fax to Mrs Amanda Lovell of Pitman Training. I do not intend to spend money but to invest in the New Future in relation to the
Strategical Perspective 2000 Programme of de Baak. The account number at NatWest also will be used to receive the 30 million pounds from the Dutch government. I am going to the Helena Rubinstein specialist of Lucaya. Before, my eldest sister came by. She is a teacher in English. I noted in my agenda 18 April: St. James's. In the sauna I was inspired by the meditation of a girl in lotus position. I need this too after all the hurries and thinking of the last time. The management of Lucaya always take good care for my situation. Now they plaid 'Unchain my heart'. I told someone my story about my heart aches in London the first of August and my stay at St. Peter's Hospital. In the glass display of Helen Rubinstein I saw something very special in red, purple and orange. I bought it for you and will sent it with Valentine. At the bar I had a so called 'Taartje van Zalm', a salmon pie. I will Minister Zalm of Finances remind of his obligations as soon as all the facilities of Instituto Cervantes Limited United Kingdom have been arranged. Also four glasses of Red Wine. I saved the fifth for another occasion. I count on the collaboration of the Ministry of Justice. I also had a conversation with two Italian boys from Rome and Florence. It has been a long time ago I had the occasion to speak Italian. The boy from Rome had studied English in Washington D.C. The boy from Florence wore a purple bathrobe. It was de colour of his football team Fiorentina. 'No', I replied, 'it's the colour of the heather and Instituto Cervantes Benelux!'.