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Monday 3-02-1997
I nearly could not sleep because of the impressions of yesterday. A lady in the sauna cabine reminded me of my former colleague Rose. The number plate of my sister's car can not be a coincidence.
ST-96-DS means Sylvia Tóth - 1996 - Diana Spencer. I may presume that last year a convenant between the two of yours has been established already. Miss Tóth has been a member of the government of the foundation de Baak and I am certain that Elizabeth will help you if you need it. Therefore I have known her too well. If that is the case I like to be informed in due course. Your situation in Málaga reminds me that I have been followed by a green car with a Spanish number plate from MAlaga on the 7th of August driving from Henley to BLENHEIM. This was in the neighbourhood of a place called Abingdon. Once I wrote 'I will enter KENSINGTON PALACE by the front door'. I will be curious how the paparazzi will react. They need to be educated. So you will come over to Holland very soon. I am looking forward to our first meeting. The management of Het Stadhouderlijk Hof certainly will do their best to arrange that in a professional way. The Queen's Room in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof will be the most appropriate place to sign contracts.

Also on Elizabeth you can relie absolutely. I worked two years with her on PR matters and she is absolutely reliable and concise.

7 AUGUST 1996

Today he will receive my invitation for 28-09-1997 'to the Loo' and will be shocked of course. Once I appointed him director of a company that I had founded and he made some serious mistakes in that situation that he has to face now. In my letter I called him 'one of my pupils'. That will be difficult to recognize. Nevertheless I appointed him my First Man. That's all for now. Till next week. And please have confidence.