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Monday 3-02-1997
My parents also were very shocked about the incredible way you are treated in your country. This situation has to be improved rapidly. You need an office with a staff of lawyers claiming every journalist for publishing unauthorized photographs. Today I requested the head of our Security Service for Safety Measures according to my plans and offered a contribution to the Spanish Congress on September 27. I requested a contribution on behalf of the foundation to the director of the magazine 'De Groene Amsterdammer' and made my compliments for the articles about Sylvia Tóth, Peter Pan, Don Quijote and Cervantes. Had a review of 'De Jacht Op Prinses Diana'. It made me furious as a matter of fact. I had the same experience in my country. Once the management of the Sauna 'De Heuvelrug' had to kick out journalists of 'Privé' or 'Story' (I don't remember exactly which one), who followed me everywhere.

This was a successfull measure. From the other hand it is good to be informed this way. The 'gentlemen' Glen Harvey and Mark Saunders will be my first targets to be prosecuted. I wonder why the Royal Family does not take measures against those elements. They called you the "Lune" in public, before television. That is a direct insult that has to be punished. You are the Mother of the King and you need to be treated with dignity. However the information I got about the 28 of August was interesting to me. I wonder if you received my roses in the Harbour Club. You may have had assistance of the Harbour Light and the London Lighthouse. Also the images of Málaga. I noted HOTEL BYBLOS, car number MA-5363-AL and the complete lack of respect. A week after your divorce you wore a purple sweater. A few days before your visit to Nijmegen. As a matter of fact you solved the problem yourself by laughing at them. That way you are the winner and they will be the looser. During my stay at Laleham I also did my shopping at Sainsburies, near Staines, direction Windsor, on the road from Kensington. It's good you cried your heart out before Catrina Gosling. She expressed your problem very well. It is good you said "You're haunting me out of the country". So you will be welcome here, love. I want to see you happy. We will care for you. But you may never again say to them 'I know you are only doing your job'. When I may be your partner they may do their job, but pay for it. I will arrange that with Scotland Yard. Tried to buy a video tape of your BBC interview in spring last year. At the shop of Van Leest a blond woman with an English accent asked for the CD 'unchain my heart'. I hope from now on you can live in peace together and make life beautiful. I know you need to use certain strategies to reach your goals. So I made a little analysis after the statement of one of the two 'gentlemen' who declared 'Diana hates us'. On August 29 Sarah Eaton of Radio 4 invited them to say that they were around Harvey Nichols and that they found you there. The interview took place before KENSINGTON PALACE however. I wonder if the broadcasting on BBC4 was on September the 8 and your former "friends" decided to collaborate on your behalf with Radio 4. That would have been a good solution for that problem in that situation and Sarah Eaton has done her job very well. It proves also the unreliable character of that journalist. Your problem needs a structural solution however. We can work it out. Tonight I will drink a glass of William - Forever - Fèvre with the purple label.