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Friday, 7-02-1997
De Telegraaf opens with 'French kiss for Winnie'. In NOORDWIJK. So that problem has been solved as well. Sent fax messages and letters with personal decisions to the parties concerned: TopStart, Stadhouderlijk Hof Leeuwarden, Content Beheer, Soeteman, Schiphol, and The Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Horoscope: I will not be a member of the Lions Club of Kensington but Stratford. I trust in you completely. I invited my good friend Mr. Van Munster - a captain of KLM - for this evening. He was too busy however. So I decided to go to my friends of Lucaya again. The former business idea to settle in London is indeed unpractical. To set up the business in Stratford is the best solution for that problem. It makes all things easy. I send a letter to my President to announce this change.