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Friday, 9-05-1997
I think in this respect of queen Beatrix and king Juan Carlos who met each other in Achen yesterday after H.R.H. had presentend the Prix Charlemagne to President Roman Herzog. The German married couples that I spoke in 'Sherlock Holmes' on Sunday 20 April ("Van der Heyden dass ist ein sehr Hoch Adliches Geschlecht") were involved in the organization of the presentation of that reward. I may presume that Instituto Cervantes Benelux and Britain must have been a subject of conversation and I hope that they arranged our visit to Spain in 1998. Back home from the trip to ZEIST, Utrecht, DRIEBERGEN and Maarn. I was advised not to spend money in purchasing real estate to be able to invest more in the development of the business plan and found a little home in the Goudvinklaan 10A in Maarn that will suit me for the next coming months. I need the collaboration of the Lord Mayor of Maarn however to get the keys of this appartment on 24 May. In ZEIST there will be built a new office park of William Properties that will be the ideal location for the office of ICB. I will request for the brochure at Jones Lang Wootton next Monday. In the train from Maarn to Nijmegen I read the Royal Purple Crown Exclusive article about the 28 years old knight in shining armour, who calls you the guardian angel, after having returned from Spain. I like the photograph taken before the statue of King William. From Mr Philip Homer - Economic Development Manager of the District Council of Stratford on Avon - I received the following message:

'I have studied the Business Plan you left me following your visit last week. I would conclude that whilst your proposals may well be of interest to companies seeking to establish trade links with Spain the majority would utilise more traditional means. They are more likely to use the services of Business Link Export Advisors, Department of Trade and Industry support, and services provided through British Diplomatic/Commercial Posts throughout Europe. Many companies will also get involved with Chamber of Commerce sponsored overseas trade missions. The District Council of course fully recognises the need to encourage overseas trade links and currently actively partnership organisations such as the Local Business Link Initiative. It is unlikely however at this juncture that it would be wise to become involved with individual or specific consultancy. Regarding the Cervantes/Shakespeare scenario one feels that any cultural link would be best achieved through Direct liaison with Authorities in the Spanish Birthplace Town. In closing may I take this opportunity to wish you success with your ventures into Europe and the USA.'

I am very glad with this letter. Mr Philip Homer seems to me a very serious man and he appears to be very well informed. In my opinion the collaboration with Henley-Management-College and/or Warwick Business School can go on. I also conclude that my proposed joint visit to Spain must include a visit to Alcalá de Henares in 1998. One of the directors of the Dutch Broadcasting Company NOS noted 28 September in his agenda. I also received an invitation from de Baak with an empty chair on the envelope for the Congress The New Economy on 20 June that I certainly must have to visit. In every way I think We have to go to Alcalá together. Considering the letter of Mr Homer I have the opinion that we agreed that he should hand over my Business Plan to the Chairman of his District Council. So I expect a reaction of Mrs Ribbons as well!