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Thursday, 14-05-1997
Decision Day.
The developments run slower than expected. I had the hearing at the Ministry of Justice in order to facilitate my application at your court and to obtain the title of earl. The commission consisted of Mr P.J. de Groot (chairman), Mrs C.S. Valkenburg (member) and Mr J.A. Wegman (secretary). It was a short but pleasant conversation. I reported my actions in Britain. The pronouncement will take place at the end of May. Afterwards I went to our Parliament and showed the receptionists the brochure of the Government Game. They concluded that Her Majesty was replaced by my picture. I may presume that She has given Her authorization. In Amsterdam I spoke with Mrs Suzanne Polet, marketing manager MCC International. Mrs Polet is very good acquainted with Mr Harry Starren, direct colleague of Elizabeth. My photograph had been used last year as well and had been introduced by an advertising agency with the name KKBR. This agency has gone bankrupt last year. I did her the following proposal:

1. Participation Start in Cervantes Recruitment & Selection
2. Participation ROI in Cervantes Education & Training
3. Participation MCC in Cervantes Management & Organization
4. Selection personnal by means of the
Government Game
5. Personal compensation for the use of my photograph

6. Collaboration in setting up the Dutch office in Sparrenheuvel in Zeist

I received the documentation of 'Sparrenheuvel' from Mr M.M.M. van Lanschot of Jones Lang Wootton and decided to remove to Utrecht for the time being. There I found an appartment in the very heart of the town, not far from the Oudaen Castle.

I read the information about the first Queen's speech of your new government. It's completely in my line, e.g. plans for limited self-government in Wales and Scotland, improvement of the quality of education, summary justice on young criminals, introduction of the European Convention for the rights of man in British law and a total ban on hand weapons. Also the result of the state lottery for the benefit of education and health care seems a very good idea to me. I got no support from the Council of Maarn. So I am glad to have taken my own initiative again. Letter to MCC, fax-message to Rennert Bilingual and letter to Stadhouderlijk Hof Leeuwarden concerning 14 July and joint ventures into Europe and the USA.