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Wednesday, 21-05-1997
I read the article of the results of the Marks & Spencer Group. It is magnificent: a profit this year of 1.1 billion pounds. An example of a very successfull family company. One may consider me too interfering but I think it is realistic to fight for my own rights. So I sent a fax to our Prime Minister with the following message: 'Following on my fax message of 5 May 1997, 20.30 h I can report that my home adress as from the first of June is going to be Neude 30C, 3512 AG Utrecht, let's hope as a temporary provision. It is my intention to execute from there my Business Plan together with the organisers of the Government Game Competition 1997. Obviously this new home address will also become the new address of the Instituto Cervantes Benelux and I propose myself to get into contact - in an informal way - with my Spanish namesake on the Domplein. As from the first of June after all there will be two 'Institutos Cervantes Utrecht', one legal and one illegal (the Spanish one!). I herewith request you to report this next Friday during the Eurotop in Noordwijk to the gentlemen Aznar and Blair. I should like to come myself on that day to Noordwijk to make acquaintance with both gentlemen as my policy plan and Noordwijk are inextricably bound up with each other. After all it was born on de Baak and presented at the font during the Congress The New Economy on 13 November last year.
On next 20 June I will take part again in the congress The New Economy, for which a red and yellow brochure has been issued: My Dream of Red and Yellow. In the meantime I also will try as good as possible to combine Purple and Red now the signal is on GREEN. First I prepared some letters to enclose with the GG brochure and my photograph before BUCKINGHAM PALACE. Then I visited my doctor to talk some things over. There I was followed by a red Toyota with the number GB-DS-29. I suppose I have to be in Britain on 29 September to pay a new visit to ETON COLLEGE and have a lunch with Mr. Lewis. I would like to go back to him one day. It would also be a good occasion to discuss plans for a trip to the USA, because today I received two video tapes in English and Spanish from Cesar Rennert. He surely will be expecting us and the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful in Hollywood as well. I also had a look in The Mirror and noticed that you will not attend William's annual sports day at ETON. I think this is a wise decision. Also your relationship with Sir James Goldsmith. I just went to my goldsmith to deliver him a letter because I can not go out of my house before June 2 and we have to look for a solution. Perhaps Sir James Goldsmith could be a good investor in my Business Plan as I noticed. I hope you have a save flight to Pakistan. The building of the Valkhof Castle is such an inevitable thing. Three pairs of two architects are selected to make a predesign: Mr Jo Coenen from Maastricht with A. Galfetti from Switzerland; the Spanish-English combination E. Miralles with D.J. Fowler and the Milanese professor G. Grassi. Half of June they have to have put their first designs on paper. Then a definitive design will be chosen and worked out in a Business Plan as a special project of the whole, within the framework of the Cervantes Plan. Concerning the Sun: I saw an article in that paper about someone who appears not to be able to handle an iron. That's what I saw.