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Thursday, 22-05-1997
The little child reminds me of the photograph I saw you with a baby in your arms and the zahn flowers on the background. The 'source of joy' also reminds me of the magazine Source that I received this week. I saw that name also on a building next to KENSINGTON PALACE in Kensington High Street.
Some time ago I sent the 'crazy story' to the editor of Source with the title Instituto Cervantes a fight for norms and values and a list with 177 influential relations. Robert Rubinstein did not publish the article, but it certainly produces a lot of pleasure. From that list today I will send the GG brochure with my photograph before BUCKINGHAM PALACE and a personal letter to the Service of our Royal House, la Casa Real Española, the Lord Mayor of Nijmegen, the High Council of Nobility, the Valkhof Foundation, El Presidente del Gobierno, His Royal Highness Prince Filip of Belgium, Mr César Rennert of Rennert Bilingual, Mr W. Steurbaut in The Loo Palace, Mr George Görtemöller and the Lord Mayor of Utrecht. Yesterday I already sent a fax message to César Rennert together with the letter of Philip Homer, regarding the ventures into the USA If I receive an invitation for the Eurotop tomorrow, then I will go. Next Tuesday Mr Clinton will visit The Hague.

If The Hague expects me, then I will go as well. I called Dixons. The photographs are not ready yet. So I have to wait with sending them.

I report the contents of my communications of today and yesterday night. Cesar Rennert.

(Translation) Estate Agency De Gier BV, Miss Sara Splinter: "Dear Miss Splinter, I confirm our telephone conversation of this afternoon. The transport of the sales document can take place on next Monday 2 June between 8.30 and 10.00 o'clock at notary's office Schuijren, Van Schaeck Mathonsingel 8 in Nijmegen, Postadress Box 1240, 6501 BE Nijmegen.

My personal data are as follows: Name Johannes Lambertus Van der Heyden, Born 9 november 1947, Birthplace: Nijmegen, Profession: Manager Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales (not to be confused with the institute with the same name on the Domplein)".

Fax message from Bureau Gevers Brussels: "Dear Sir,
Your Beneluxinscription nr. 508.277 for the mark INSTITUTO CERVANTES. We refer herewith to our certified letter of 18 April 1997, that was not returned by our postal services, and of which as a consecuence we presume that You took notice of the contents of it. Nevertheless we could not receive from You the confirmation that had been satisfied the clients requierements. As you in an earlier stage maintained an extensive correspondence with our office, we can not undo the impression that You are not inclined to get into the requirements voluntarily. As a consecuence, if we will remain without a reaction towards the end of this month, we will report to client that legal action will be necessary to get satisfaction. In expectation of your commentaries, we remain. Yours Sincerely, A. QUATAERT. 9276 AF AQ/DH 0910 0920 AQ2."

Fax message to the Prime Minister, President of the European Union: "Dear Mr Kok, Herewith you will find a letter and a fax message of Bureau Gevers in Diegem, Belgium, as well as my reaction that I will send him presently. I wish You very much success during the Eurotop in my beloved seaside resort. With friendly greetings and high esteem. INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. J.L. Van der Heyden.
- Letter V 588.096 of Bureau Gevers in Diegem dated 18 April 1997 with supplement
- Fax message V 588.096 of Bureau Gevers in Diegem, dated 22 May 1997
- Fax message of mine as reaction, dated 22 May 1997."

Fax message to Bureau Gevers: "Dear Mr Quataert, I confirm the good reception of your fax message of 14.18 h. regarding your certified letter of 18 April 1997. On that day I had a conversation with your colleague Carrollanne Lindley in London. Your letter has been delivered on my address at the time of my residence in the United Kingdom from last 17 till 30 April. Moreover I did not react on your letter because of the following reasons:

1. I have serious objections against the terminology "Your person" used by You instead of 'You'.
2. I have informed You that I am exclusively interested in a positive collaboration proposal. Your letter makes no mention of that.
3. I sold my house as from the first of June and getting a new roof above my head has my highest priority at the moment. For your information: my new address will become as from next 2 June: Neude 30C, 3512 Utrecht. Perhaps afterwards we can get to collaboration.
4. Meanwhile I delegated my development tasks and authorities in the United Kingdom. I reported this last 14 May personally at the Ministry of Justice in The Hague.
5. I have laid my problems in the hands of the Prime Minister and requested to discuss this tomorrow during the Eurotop in NOORDWIJK with the
Heads of Government of Spain and the United Kingdom, as my plan has been born in Noordwijk.
6. After seven years of personal developing work, in which I have had many risks to loose my life, I am exclusively interested in synergy promoting proposals.

Confying having informed You at your satisfaction I am really looking forward to a positive proposal from your client. Yours sincerely, INSTITUTO CERVANTES Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. J.L. Van der Heyden. CC The Prime Minister of the State of the Netherlands"

Then I had a telephone conversation with my attourney, Mr. Paul A.W. Thiel of Knijff & Partners. He told me that he recently spoke with Mrs Carrollanne Lindley in San Antonio in the United States. She had reported him of my visit on 18 April. I told him about my visit to Christie's on 22 April and invited him to be my guest. I sent him the following fax message:

"Concerns: Changing of the Guards Your ref.: T/23402. Dear Mr Thiel, Next to our pleasant telephone conversation of this afternoon I request You to find herewith the promised information. Besides I draw your attention - perhaps unnecessarily - to my change of address on next 2 June. I may presume that my mission of last 22 April in the United Kingdom now is going to produce her fruits and we will meat each other in an earlier stage in the United States of America witnessed by enclosed letter of the Economic Development Manager of Stratford-upon-Avon. I may presume that Mr Clinton does not come for nothing to The Hague next Tuesday. With kind regards. John Van der Heyden (Future Earl of Warwick)
- Letter of the Economic Development Manager Mr Philip Homer of the District Council of Stratford-upon-Avon (United Kingdom), dated 2-5-1997
- Fax message to the Prime Minister dated 22 May 1997, 15.05 h.
- Fax message from Bureau Gevers in Diegem, Belgium, dated 22 May 1997, 14.18 h.
- Fax message to Bureau Gevers in Diegem, Belgium, dated 22 May 1997, 15.15 h."

I am glad that you are in Lahore these three days. Far from the battlefield, but hope that you will come back save and well as soon as possible. Anyway the Neude is a very important place in the Dutch Monopoly Play. Because I Love You. De Verdad!12 MAY 1997 RED TOYOTA CAMRY - 13 MAY 1997 INFORMATION ON BEHALF OF NATWEST KENSINGTON ROYAL GARDEN BRANCH - 14 MAY 1997 DECISION DAY - 16 MAY 1997 MAGAZINE VORSTEN AND THE GOVERNMENT GAME - 17 MAY 1997 EARLS OF VAN DER HEYDEN - 18 MAY 1997 BUILDING THE BRIDGE BETWEEN STRATFORD-ON-AVON AND ALCALÁ DE HENARES - 19 MAY 1997 BICYCLE TOUR - 20 MAY 1997 A LOT OF WORK TODAY