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The astrologer was right.
Mrs Van Putten called yesterday evening that she could not come today. We postponed the meeting till next week 21 July. The evening of what I call Engagement Day was quite a happening. I visited the Dom Tower with a group and was guided around by an architect who knows everything about bells. He is also very familiar with our queen. First we climbed the tower until the top from where I could see the tree behind my appartment. It is not possible to look into my house from there. So I can imagine why the photographers have to work from the roofs where I am looking at. After the visit we listened a carillon concert in the courtyard of St. Martin, the patron of this town. I was specificly touched by song number 4: NUN KOMM DER HEIDEN HEILAND, specially arranged for the occasion.

After having a red wine with the architect I had to send some fax messages. For example to my lawyer because I found a brochure with language courses of Instituto Cervantes Domplein although they know that it is forbidden. So I sent the following message to Knijff & Partners (22.40 St. Tropez Time):

'Concerns: Our Spanish friends, Dear Mr Thiel. I would like to inform you about added brochures of our friends on the Domplein where I climbed the tower this evening and enjoyed the carillon concert of Klaas de Haan. I enjoyed particularly number four of the concert: NUN KOMM DER HEIDEN HEILAND. I am prepared to tolerate the Spaniards, but now it's getting time that they are going to pay. Of course you are cordially welcome 'on the Neude'. Meantime I proposed my British collaboration partner to contract matrimony. She jumped a hole in the air today. In the confidence having informed you according to your wishes We remain... etc. etc.'


I already had sent a fax to Mrs Sri Kalikamba Swami and Mrs Elma Jantzen (I don't know how her name is spelled) of the Foundation Healing Voice & Music:

'Dear ladies,
With a lot of pleasure I remind your presentation of yesterday in Leeuwarden and our conversation afterwhile regarding a number of photographs that I have taken. As a result of this discussion herewith I send you my Mission Statement of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux. Until now this foundation almost did not have enjoyed income. So it's getting high time. Perhaps we could search together for a solution. As soon as the photographs will be ready I will come by. Also with the photograph of my colleague who shows such a strong resemblance with Mrs Jantzen. I have the honour to enclose also a photograph of mine amongst some of my subjects (the Dutch Government). Regarding the performance of 26 September I need in principle two tickets. Loge please, in the center, because that would be appreciated by my aimed future partner. Today she jumped already a hole in the air. I invited her already for the performance. As soon as I can report something in definitive I will get into contact with you. etc.etc'

It concerns the Diana Project of course. I read some lines of Page 2 of The Mirror of yesterday and permit myself to give some personal comments. I am glad of that. Diana flew into Cannes by private jet. Good. Last Christmas I found myself in Het Stadhouderlijk Hof. I visited Harrods last April and was particularly interested in the department of wedding dresses. I think I have to visit Harrods again. I note that the swimsuit has the IES green colour and the Nassau blue stripes. I wonder when I will see the red, purple and orange bikini that I sent on occasion of Valentine's Day, supported by real friends. I received the message that I can collect certified letter 3S RRRS 8962724 of the District Council at the post office after 14.00. I went to the shopping center Hoog Catharijne 'Beating Heart of the Netherlands'. The barrel organ played 'There is no stronger heart than that of mine' and four young children were playing the violin on the place were not so long ago junks were dying as the victims of criminals. Now everything is improving. There is peace and order now in our Heart. I read The Sun. Princes William, 15, and Harry, 12, have to obey their natural mother. You can not leave Britain because it's against my plans. And no one can change muy plans. I have told that to Mr Sharp at ETON COLLEGE and he agreed with that! I note that you are going to herald a major change in your life. You're welcome. I see you sitting on a roof. Where are you thinking about? And why are you sitting there? Do you like a warm country? Perhaps We could go and live in Spain in the future. I love you Di and I understand what the landmine action means to you. This world must be better and it will. I went to the District Court to request to accelerate the procedure and sent the following fax message to Mr Sharp: Concern. I noticed a telephone call on my GSM, starting with 00 44. I did not react. First they have to think things over. I read the article 'Why doesn't Diana have any friends her own age?' In my opinion the article is very narrow minded. The truth will come out and they will see. It seems if everyone neglects that you have the right to take your own decisions and they are thinking for you. That's not good.