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Instituto Cervantes P.O. Box 689 NL 3500 AR UTRECHT Netherlands The Prime Minister of Great Britain Mr Tony Blair 10 Downing Street LONDON SW1 UNITED KINGDOM Concerns: FINAL END OF SPECULATIONS Date: 17 February 1998 Reference: JH/TB980217 Dear Mister Blair, With a great sense of satisfaction I took notice that last weekend you took action in the House of Commons to all of those who try to gain profit of the terrible loss of my proposed partner Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales. On last 22 December I delivered my Letters to Diana at your office in Downing Street after having visited BUCKINGHAM PALACE and KENSINGTON PALACE. I hope you received them in good order. To put an end to all speculations in this letter I give you in addition a survey of all the letters that I sent as from December 1996 to your Government in order to achieve my main objective: Sir John Gorst, European Union, New Company. I never received a reaction form Mr Major. "Because he was too busy on his electoral campaign". Congratulations. I received the following reaction from your colleague Mrs Begbie from the Western European Department. "Foreign & Commonwealth Office. London SW1A 2AH. Telephone: 0171. 19 June 1997. Mr John Van der Heyden. Instituto Cervantes. De Wellenkamp 15-30. NL 6545 NM NIJMEGEN Netherlands. Dear Mr Van der Heyden. Thank you for your letter to the Prime Minister and enclosing your brochure. I note that you are setting up the headquarters of your institution in Stratford-upon-Avon. It was kind of you to write to congratulate the Prime Minister on his appointment. Yours sincerely. .. Begbie. J I Begbie (Mrs) Western European Department. I also received next letter from the District Council in Stratford-upon-Avon after I had declared confidentially that I was planning to set up the Company as a Family Company together with Princess Diana and that I had strong indications that she was willing to do so.

"STRATFORD ON AVON * DISTRICT COUNCIL. My ref: PH/pb. Telephone 01789 260103. Fax: 01789 260123. This letter dated: 2 May 1997. Dear Mr van der Heyden, I have studied the Business Plan you left with me following your visit last week. I would conclude that whilst your proposals may well be of interest to companies seeking to establish trade links with Spain the majority would utilise more traditional means. They are more likely to use the services of Business Link Export Advisors, department of trade and Industry support, and services through British Diplomatical/Commercial Posts throughout Europe. Many companies will also get involved with Chamber of Commerce sponsored overseas trade missions. The District Council of course fully recognise the need to encourage trade links and currently actively supports partnership organisations such as the Local Business Link Initiative. It is unlikely however at this juncture that it would wish to become involved with individual or specific consultancy. Regarding the Cervantes/Shakespeare scenario one feels that any cultural link would be best achieved through Direct liaison with Authorities in the Spanish Birthplace Town. In closing may I take this opportunity to wish you success with your ventures into Europe and the USA. Yours sincerely. Philip Homer, Economic Development Manager. Ian Prosser LLB Solicitor. Chief Executive. Elizabeth House. Church Street. STRATFORD-UPON-AVON. Warwickshire CV37 6HX. Telephone (01789) 267575. Fax (01789) 260007. DX 700737 STRATFORD-ON-AVON 2".

I estimate the sentence "In closing may I take this opportunity to wish you success with your ventures into Europe and the USA" as extremely important. I deduce from this statement that the Council has had consultation with my aimed partner as the USA were not included in my plans. As you know Princess Diana was very well known in Stratford and I had declared Her being prepared to go and live in Royal Leamington Spa - for the time being - and to help Her with the education of Her children.

Therefore I quote the letter that I sent on 31 March to ETON COLLEGE Curriculum. During my visit to ETON COLLEGE on 23 April I repeated my intentions towards Sergeant David Sharp, security officer of Prince William and Lady Diana. Back in the Netherlands I sent the following reaction to the Economic Development Manager in Stratford: Your ref: PH/pb. Afterwhile I sent you the following letters: New Visit; Business Plan; British Crisis. In this letter I made a mistake. The date must be 16 August 1997 (correction 6-7-2003). My last letter to you dates from 22 September 1997, concerning the greatest tragedy of my life after having worked day and night during 13 months on our relationship. This is

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth.

Within this respect I also inform you about the letters that I sent to Your Royal Majesty last week Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales. In spite of everything I have no oher choice than to quote The Sun of last 13 February - page 9 - regarding my problem: "FACT: Diana never mentionned marriage plans to her closest friends, many of whom she spoke to in her last days. On a Greek holiday weeks before her death, she told best pal Rosa Monkton that she had not made any decisions about her future. And she would NEVER have accepted a proposal without first consulting her sons - especially William. Fayed claims Dodi told witnesses about his future plans with the Princess. But significantly the main witness was employed by the Al Fayeds. He was Rene Delorm, Dodi's butler of six years. According to Fayed's story, a jubilant Dodi had ordered Rene to have champagne on ice waiting for the couple when they came home." She did not accept the ring and I received clear signals that Your Royal Family would have been very happy if my plans would have succeeded, together with Diana. To put an end to all speculations I herewith authorize you to quote out of my Letters if necessary in good consultation with Your Royal Family. Enclosed you find a copy of a letter of Our Friends in Madrid. WITH KIND REGARDS Yours sincerely, John Van der Heyden Founder Foundation Cervantes Benelux, Owner Trade Mark Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux, Owner Limited Company 'Instituto Cervantes England and Wales, Former Personal Adviser of My Lady Di.

Enclosed: Carta de la Casa de Su Majestad El Rey, Madrid 25-01-1998.

P.S. If Mr Mohamed Al Fayed is an Honourable Man I expect from him a recompensation for the damage caused to me and our future business by the wishful thinking of him and his son, taking into account that I would have had an official reaction from KENSINGTON PALACE in the month that I had proposed to marry Her, as had been promissed at ETON COLLEGE on 23 April 1997, 2.35 pm by Sergeant Sharp. I also point out that We worked out our plans from 22 april 1992 till 22 april 1997.

My stamp on the envelope of this letter dates from last mentionned date. The fatal accident made an end to five years of developmental Labour.