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Report 4A. Dear Diana, Thursday 23 January 1997. Letter of today delivered at post office Dukenburg. Obstruction of unwilling lady. I am not going to queue with my letters. That would be irresponsible. Study British History. William has to know everything about European Royal Houses in order to determine His future policy. And so do I. This is the framework that means to me a point of departure for guidance. Today Russel Grant stated in The Mirror: 'Up until February 7th career concerns dominate your existence. If you have ambitious decisions to make then you would be well advised to consider, confirm or conclude them before then'. This letter is to confirm every decision I made in my former letters. My course will remain unchanged and unchangeable. My next station will be Victoria Station. I want to be your partner in every way. The 6th of February the verdict will be pronounced against the Dutch criminal organizations. I do not want them any longer in the streets of Europe. I do not want to be menaced by criminals anymore. I hope there will be a wise judgement by the judges. Fortunately the Dutch Cabinet declared today that they want to centralize the police organization. Power has to be centralized in the European Union in order to have peace and prosperity in the future. I confirm everything I wrote in my first State of the Union to our Prime Minister. First of all the outer boundaries of the European Union have te be guarded and only positive powers must get the chance to make our Europe a prosperous continent where it will be good to be. Development countries must get the television equipments and satellite communication to be able to look over those boundaries to see how an integration process can develop with success. I think Europe must become an example to other countries of a continent with different cultures working together. I want you as my partner. During the last few months I have learned to know you through my readings. I want to keep my promises. I have the need to support my partner. I have the need to be a 'Daily Mirror', where you can look in. To communicate and work out plans together. I need you to be my partner in conversations with Mr. Kok, Mr. Aznar and Mr. Major, for example, and to visit Don Felipe from Spain and Prince Filip of Belgium, who is very supporting to my plans. I also need an environment where We can invite Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia. Where We can invite the leaders of the Spanish Instituto Cervantes. The most ambitious decision will be the set up of the 'organogram' of Instituto Cervantes. To see which good plans already exist and how We can support each other. I want to be your partner and come to live in London. It will give British citizens the confidence that they will not be ruled only by BRUSSELS when Britain enters into the European Monetary Union. The main communication centre between Dutch, English and Spanish speaking people will be London then. The 13th of November last year Mr. Blankert of VNO-NCW declared himself against capital flight out of the Netherlands. I enlarge this vision by stating that I will be against capital flight out of the European Union. Capital earned here has to be invested here. That is the main reason I am opening my account - or better our account - at National Westminster Bank. That will be the start of new economic activities within the European Union. Today I noticed that Coopers&Lybrand is a 'Verein' with limited liability established in Switzerland. I have some doubts about capital flight to Switzerland because this country does not belong to our Union. On the other hand I want you to carry on your charity works and being yourself. I also want to be your partner to set up an educational programme for Prince William and Harry. This will give me the greatest personal satisfaction and it is the reason that I started studying the 'Royalty of England' this week. Education is my Core Business. These days I produced some 100 pages of 'homework', a framework for a chapter of Study in European History. Nobility is described in the article 'Adel' in NRC of today. I studied recently the book Notices Historiques et généalogiques sur les nobles et anciennes maisons Van der Heyden, dite De la Bruyère, de Bylandt van der Moten etc., Anvers, 1847. I am not yet very acquainted with the Spencer Family, but interested of course.