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Monday, 17-03-1997
I hope you will be nice to me and that you write me a nice letter. She will certainly read this and do so. That charity organization will be the Princess Diana Fund as the result of the activities in favour of the Golden Heart Foundation that has not a legal basis yet. Today the Palace Het Loo is on the front page of the Telegraaf. I visited the Palace the 10th of October last year and had a conversation with the conservator of the Royal Association of Dutch Knight's Orders. On that occasion he asked me: 'Mr Van der Heyden, do you intend to take over the whole country?' On which I replied: 'No I will leave it to other people but then it have to be good ones'. I think Mr Van den Broek and Van Mierlo are doing a very good job in APELDOORN. The conservator went on to say: 'And what are you intending to do then?' On which I replied: 'Helping Diana with the education of her children'. He thought this a very good idea, but therefore I need two parties. So I will not run away. On the contrary. With your collaboration I can make a reservation of the Anglican Chapel on September the 28! With love.