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Thursday, 3-04-1997
The home front is to be found on page T13 of De Telegraaf of today. The home front is also here and in NOORDWIJK.
I do not believe everything what Mr Henk van der Meyden writes. On the other hand I consider it a positive development that Mrs Emilie van Cutsem Quarles van Ufford takes some care for your children and apparently is building the bridge already. The Quarles van Ufford family is very known in NOORDWIJK. The 22 of April 1992 I had bed and breakfast there in the Quarles van Ufford Street. The family is related to the Halbertsma family. Steven Boudewijn Eric Halbertsma (12-09-1946) Consultant/Resultant, Human Resources & Employee Benefits, lives in Langbroek, not far from where I lived and I trust the Halbertsma's completely, as you know. Enclosed article from Elsevier from 22-02-97 I received from someone who knows Steven very well. Considering myself as part of your home front I will point out that my application at ETON COLLEGE does not change anything of my course. First of all I want to be a partner and a loving husband as I already stated in my letter of 7-10-1996. Also my position as the owner of the trade mark Instituto Cervantes in the Benelux and the Limited with the same name in England and Wales does not change anything on that ultimate objective. You are already part of my life by what I read about you and the letter of the 28 of December 1996. Psychologically spoken I already internalized you. I see you as my partner already. When someone hurts you, I feel hurt. When you are in a good mood, I'm as well. You are my Daily Mirror. So I hope that there will not rise any misunderstanding. My application has a practical reason: first of all I need a steady job, a reasonable income and a home. I also believe that Prince Friso is going to play an important role in the Cervantes organization. He resigned at McKinsey in Amsterdam and decided to enrol for the MBA course of Insead in Paris. Insead is a good colleague institute of De Baak and Henley Management College. For my visit to Henley I called Mrs Paula Steenbruggen. I will write a letter to Mr C. Carnall for the visit of the 24th of April. Sent my letter to Mr Carnall. Now I will start my preparations for The Journey. I read the article about the break-in in KENSINGTON PALACE yesterday. I am extremely worried about that situation. On the first place for you but I may expect that your Home Secretary Mr Michael Howard will do the utmost to tighten up procedures. In the second place I am also worried about where the intruder was up to. I am asking myself if he was getting after my information. I think that all information services must work together again to be able to defend your and my security. I had a phone call with Het Stadhouderlijk Hof. I expressed them my concern. I decided to come to KENSINGTON PALACE next 21st of April. I will send a fax-message to Mr Lewis to announce this decision and security measures will be taken. Sent the fax message with the following text: 3 APRIL 1997 BREAK IN AT KENSINGTON PALACE ON BEHALF OF MR J.E. LEWIS OF ETON COLLEGE.