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Friday, 6-06-1997
The friends can be Joris Voorhoeve and Loek Hermans (enclosed). Two of my supporters. They met each other in Leeuwarden yesterday. Mr Voorhoeve surely will be able to provide you a plane. I know him very well from the time I worked in NOORDWIJK. He lives there. We used to travel together in the bus from Leiden to NOORDWIJK. He is a nice chap because of the helicopters he sent to my house during the last few years. Also Mr Hermans will always be 'in' for a joke as to be seen in de Telegraaf of today on page T3. Of course I had to take the lead today regarding the enjoyable happening, that will be the Eurotop in Amsterdam next 16 and 17 June. At 13.45 I sent the following fax message to the President of the European Union:
'Very esteemed mr Kok, With great anxiety I took notice of enclosed article in 'de Volkskrant' of last 31 May with the title 'Tony Blair is blocking progress EU-treaty'. Within this context I herewith decided to inform you about the certified letter to the State's Secretary of Justice, of last 27 May. In case the British Prime Minister sticks to the stated in mentionned article I will propose myself to start up the so called 'Cervantes Scenario', which means that I - with respect to the stated in attached letter - will propose myself to attract as much as possible British partners in my organization who do underline Your proposals. 'Education' is a management tool to implement change processes. I may presume that Mr Blair will be convinced to whom he owes his electoral victory and that his wife is not the only First Lady in the United Kingdom. Therefore I give You permission if desired to put in the 'Cervantes Scenario' as Exceptional Option Without Agreement on the Eurotop of Amsterdam. Wishing You a lot of Success, INSTITUTO CERVANTES, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales, J.L. Van der Heyden. It was difficult to concentrate because my telephone and fax did not work and I sent the wrong telephone numbers to Leeuwarden and Noordwijk. But this problem has been solved now. I went to visit Mrs Van Ginkel in the Town Hall and Mr Mulder of Instituut Blankestijn. I will think of the red and purple hat this evening and everything around it. I also read that Start is considering to expand to Spain. So I requested them to provide me the data of the main direction of the Start organization in order to invite them to participate in Cervantes Recruitment & Selection.