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Friday, 28-02-1997
This day is the deadline. My organization has to be ready now. I proposed Mr Görtemöller and Van Heyningen the following structure. The Foundation Cervantes Benelux will be changed into European Cervantes Foundation. I withdraw from the foundation. My function will become General Manager and will establish in the United Kingdom. The structure will be:

General Manager

Commercial Manager

Country Managers

Netherlands Belgium Luxemburg England Wales Spain

The Commercial Manager appoints the Country Managers and generates the business. The Country Managers are responsible for the appointment of the Division Managers. The basic assumptions of the Business Plan are basicly equal for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales. Here we can work under 'Cervantes label'. The Country Manager Spain has basicly a coordinating function within the network as mentionned in the Business Plan. Mr Görtemöller will look for a good Commercial Manager and participants for the business units. He reports within a week. As the first nuclear activity I decided to the set up of Cervantes Recruitment & Selection and Cervantes Education & Training at Amsterdam Airport. With that objective I visited the office of Content in Triport 1 and requested the management of Content Beheer a financial statement of the exploitation of that office.

So please focus on the good work you did in Angola and enjoy the love you won in the hearts of many people. Today I will prepare letters to Mrs Elizabeth Halbertsma, Mr George Görtemöller, Mr Frits van Wesemael (he promised to arrange my membership of the Lion's Club in Stratford) and the lawyer of the Association Instituto Cervantes in Madrid and send them in the weekend, Mr Quataert. This week I received a letter of the Director of the Central Direction of Information of our Ministry of Finances regarding my Claim on the State of the Netherlands. In this situation I have been very rigid indeed. So I decided to speak from now on about a 'Declaration for the benefit of services rendered to the State of the Netherlands according to criteria established by the Ministry of Justice'. A new market can be 'new participants'. De Telegraaf of today mentions in the article 'Investeerders tuk op ons land' that many foreign investors are very interested in the Netherlands. So I consider to invite also Spanish and British investors to invest in the new company. Our economical growth was last year 2.7 percent. Much more than in almost all other European countries. I will communicate this also to Mr Görtemöller and Mr Quataert. This must be very interesting for Spanish companies.

I saw your photograph during your visit at the children's department of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. I like your spring green suit and I am positively surprised by the Golden Heart you are wearing. This photograph will get a permanent place in my room. For the time being of course. I protested against the text in 'Weekend' page 3 in a fax message to the editor.

Harry and William. Your former husband is a scorpio as well. I will help you and him too because I understand his problem as their father, but I chose for you. I do not think I will be able to be in Windsor on the 9th of March unless you invite me and someone can take over my responsibilities here. This afternoon I was visited by my doctor to discuss the problem how to get rid of the intoxication of 1993. He advised me a multi vitamine preparate cure and accupuncture to get back my normal energy level before I go to England the first of April. Of course I will visit Mr. Lewis as soon as possible. If I have your confidence I should like to receive already some information about ETON COLLEGE and the educational programme of the management for the benefit of your children. It is my ultimate goal to cultivate their talents. Sent my letter to Mr van Wesemael with the request to the Lions Club Netherlands for the foundation of the Princess Diana Fund. I've got your photograph in a golden list. You wear the golden heart on the wrong side. It must be the other one! Love! But maybe that's the difference between Dutch and English people. I realise that in England left is the right side. Humour. I have to get used to that.