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2 April 1997. Number 13 is the lucky number. My youngest sister married on the 13th of June and they are a very happy couple. I also think of the 13th of September last year when I sent a fax message to our Prime Minister, the 13th of October last year when Liesbeth gave a lecture on De Baak about 'working learning and learning working - stories of the practice' and of course the 13th of November, the 'Giornata Particulare'. In combination with '7' this letter must lead to a very happy end. Yesterday I went to the Lion's meeting. In the train I read the article 'Passer-by beats up snapper for Diana' and looked at your face and to be sincere I am very worried about you and what happened again to you in Earls Court Road. Specificly the comments on the courageous act of the 28 years old boy who went into your aid. In my opinion again you did the right thing: setting an example. Now the world knows that you will not accept any longer the actions of unauthorized photographers. It's an act of Education. Education is also the main task of the Head of the MODERN LANGUAGES Department of ETON COLLEGE. That situation has not yet been solved as I can imagine. So I would like to propose to take over that function as from the first of June. Mr John Brooks, the Head of Spanish, will leave ETON in July 1997. Perhaps he can be a helping hand in setting up the Cervantes organization in Britain. 28 reminds me also of the 28 of September. I read that the College Year of ETON starts at Michaelmas. That's September 29. So I pointed in my agenda: 'Michaelmas, Start ETON COLLEGE'. Now I have three important dates in my agenda in that weekend: 27, 28 and 29. What is going to happen on the 28 is up to you to decide. I think a partnership operating on a one-to-one level would be desirable. I hope I can remain at ETON as from the first of June. To me there is no way back. With a contract at ETON COLLEGE and a lodging my problem will be solved. I herewith request your support. The Lions' meeting was very inspiring. First we had a presentation about the setting up of humanitarian projects for children in the Ukraine. I inmediately determined: This must be the main objective of the European Cervantes Foundation: setting up humanitarian projects for children in Spanish speaking countries. Therefore I ask your collaboration and participation as well. I would be very grateful. I also received enclosed article 'Spaanstalig erfgoed' of my Spanish competitor. That problem is still unsolved. Yesterday I sent a reminder to their Belgian lawyer and I am waiting for his declaration. My declaration for you of yesterday contains a mistake. My birth date was not complete. So I herewith produce a new one. The zone chairman was present. He spoke about 'Spiegel aan de wand', Mirror on the wall. At the end I reported that Cervantes still is on a steady course and that I will report after my visit to Britain of the further developments. Returned home I had a glass of Rioja Otoñal 1996 of Bodegas Olarra, s.a. 'Specially selected' with the Dutch and Spanish flags, the Spanish crown and two European flags with four golden stars, representing the Benelux and Spain in my vision. I turn to the Dutch stars of today. What happened last Monday near the Earls Court Gym. That way Mr Beirne will have the chance to realize that you put an end to a shameless TEN YEAR's tradition. 'Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar'. Also the neighbours on the other side of the North Sea. I think we share the same objectives:

- a good education of William
- my appointment as
Head of the Language Department of ETON COLLEGE
- your appointment as the First Member of the European Cervantes Foundation
- starting humanitarian projects in this foundation for children

What about the 28 of April? I noted: Stratford.

I sent my application to the Head Master of ETON COLLEGE with the following text: Application. Sent a letter to Elizabeth to be my first witness. Fax to lawyer of Spanish 'Instituto' with proof of default. Our regional newspaper De Gelderlander mentions under Personalia your sadness about the publication in the Sun of the Eastern incident. The article states that you express the hope that the new law for protection of privacy will give better protection to people like you. In my opinion such a law needs to have a worldwide range and of course I agree completely.

3 APRIL 1997 THE 22 OF APRIL 1992