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Saturday, 5-04-97
I start with an overlook of yesterday. First I visited the hairdresser and told her that I intend to visit you the 21st of April at KENSINGTON PALACE. She told me 'Maybe She will marry you'. My reply was: 'If so, I would do it at once'. After having visited the hairdresser I took the train to 's-Hertogenbosch. At 15.56 the train stopped in Wijchen before a poster with a blond lady in a
purple dress and the message 'I'll survive'. On the railway station in 's-Hertogenbosch I read in the horoscope of The Sun on page 28 'No one will put any objections to your plans, meaning you can implement certain changes at home or at work with a minimum of fuss. What pleases you most is that one particular person has a ..... to help you today. Make the most of it".
In the centre of the town they played 'It's good to touch the green, green grass of home' and then I realized 'It's time to go, it's time to leave' so many evenings already I had been listening to Martin Guerre and the song 'Please, tell me to go, tell me to leave' and I know this is the moment that I have to say goodbye to the Netherlands. I went to 'Silva Ducis' where I had been the last 22nd of March. There I met a nice boy. He studied MBA in Barcelona and so I told him my story. He invited me to come to visit him to make a trip on his boat in Pals into the Mediterranean. I promised him to come after having arranged everything in England. Colette, to whom I spoke last time as well, offered me a drink. I visited the Raadskelder with De Olde Regtbank, the Old Table of Justice and the Prince's Room. I told the innkeeper the story of the original medieval Table of Justice in Heyden in Westfalia. I also told him to come back next time with a real Princess. 20.00 Falstaff. Here I spoke about the plays of William Shakespeare. Silva Ducis. Town inn 't Pumpke' with a painting of 'Angels from heaven'. Then I went back to Nijmegen. In Oz the train stopped before a poster with the lettering 'The new Kiss'. At Applebee's I had a conversation with two British gentlemen from Yorkshire (yellow T-shirt and lettering 'Russel's') and Hampshire (Plymouth). It was a rather disagreeable conversation as a matter of fact after I had expressed them my embarrasment about the break-in at KENSINGTON PALACE and I had shown them your photograph. The man from Yorkshire was about to punch me in the face. I told him however that I am an honourable man. The situation obliged me to withdraw and to sit down at a table under the poster of The Wizard of Oz next to a broom on the wall that reminds me of Operation Heather Brooms.

I took a glass of Imperator and offered the same drink to the English 'gentlemen'. They refused but preferred a glass of 'Brewtus'. I granted their request, because 'Brutus was an honourable man' (Shakespeare: Julius Caesar). Now I am passing to the Dutch horoscope of today. You have to check your fax and the line towards mine on all security aspects. I can communicate already by having requested the Head Master of ETON COLLEGE to be my intermediate. But a direct line would be more appropriate. Of course the important project is the Cervantes Project. You are my inspiration and I hope I am yours. I only have to let you wait until the 21st of April. So that is 16 days to go from now. I received enclosed letter of the Ministry of Justice as a reaction on my letter of 25 March 1997.

I give you the translation of this letter:

'Dear Mrs Schmitz,
From your staff member, Mr J. van den Broek, I received the message that he refused my request for the changing of the name. On the first place I herewith like to thank
Mr Van den Broek for the amount of work that he without any doubt was due to accomplish. Within the framework of the 'Algemene wet bestuursrecht (Awb) I although lodge objection on the following grounds. Mr Van den Broek apparently bases his rejection on my letter of the 23d of August 1996 stating: 'From your petition and enclosure results that you have the opinion that another spelling of your name is necessary because - according to your message - a person with the same family name as yours has been liquidated. This argument gives me however no reason to grant your request as a difference from the rule. The name van der Heijden - although it does not belong to the many common names - occurs rather frequently in the Netherlands. The danger of change of persons because of the name I estimate so small, that in my opinion not can be stated that this name brings your safety into danger. Besides I establish that the spelling proposed by you (with a "Y") does not change the pronunciation of the name."
As the time has advanced and meanwhile a clearer light has fallen on the concerning question now I can subscribe the above mentionned argument of Mr Van den Broek, seen from the (Dutch) point of view at that time. Besides I am glad that in daily life I can call myself as I wish, unless interests of other persons would be damaged. Mr Van den Broek also mentions: "The rules determine that can be diverted from the conditions if, seen the conditions of the case, rejection of the request should damage the physical or spiritual health of the petitioner in a serious way. Is this the case then should this be shown by dates and declarations of a professional on conduct. You did not declare that that is the case in your situation. Also the investigation executed by the Lord Mayor of your town does not contain dates on that issue. Therefore I can not judge if your request will be susceptible to be granted for that reason." I also agree with this. However I establish that the point of departure in this situation has been a negative premise (damage), whereas I - as pro-active thinking manager, educated at the Management Centre VNO-NCW - aim at growth of health with my change of name and I have the opinion that rules can be changed. Mr Van den Broek also mentions: "From the investigation results that the local authorities of Nijmegen did not proceed to hearing your parents on occasion of your request. Within the framework of the 'Algemene Wet Bestuursrecht' they are to be regarded as parties concerned. Regarding the rejection of your petition I decided not to have them heard yet. If there although will be a reason this can still take place." I consider it undesirable that my parents - an elderly married couple of 77 and 80 years old - will be got involved. As my mother is from the same family - Van den Broek - I consider it even undesirable that this petition is treated by a potential relative. It would be better the request to be treated by a member of the family Spencer. Particularly considering what I have stated in my registered letter of the first of November 1996 under point 3: "Recently I have applied as Educational Officer of the Princess of Wales. Within this matter I recently requested your Secretary of State for Her collaboration in favour of the protection of Crown Prince William against Dutch drugs criminals. My application can be empowered when my nobility can be proved. Our Roman Catholic family branch - Van der Heyden van Baak - is still mentionned in the 'adelsboeken' (books of nobility). I originate from the calvinistic branche that probably goes back to Gaspar van der Heyden (1530-1586), founder of the Netherdutch Reformed church and joint founder of the State of the Netherlands. About Gaspar Dr. M.F. van Lennep declares in his Academical Dissertation, Amsterdam, Johannes Müler, 1884, UBN Diss: AG 1884-21.: 'Among the original noble families of Brabant we find the Knight's Family of Van der Heyden who's members we already see occupying considerable dignities already in the 14th century. It is very probable that the clergyman Gaspar originates from the high noble family as in those days very few "common" and civil families carried a surname or 'van' and it was not allowed to appropriate the name of the aristocrats, and he was born in Mechelen in Brabant in the year 1530, where the noble house of Van der Heyden was living and original." Also the book Notices Historiques et généalogiques sur les nobles et anciennes maisons Van der Heyden, dites De la Bruyère, de Bylandt van der Moten etc. Anvers, 1847 indicates that my ancestors belonged to High Nobility. In the course of the ages of course many written documents have been lost and at this moment I can not prove my nobility. Within the whole of my application it is although reasonable to suppose that the families Windsor and Spencer will estimate great value to this aspect. Also concerning the international English and Spanish interest to be expected it is better to stick to the spelling Van der Heyden for my family name." I have established that this most important argumentation has not been taken into consideration by Your Head of the Direction of Governmental Affairs. Meanwhile my application at the Court of Britain has reached an advanced stage and is on the level of the Prime Ministers of the Netherlands and Great-Britain. Regarding the positive signals that I received and the expectations that I cherish I sold my house the next first of June. Therefore I request to give the treatment of this petition an urgent character. Thanking in advance for your well willing collaboration. With kind regards." I can not reach happiness without working for it. This afternoon the boy of the bookshop Bruna gave me the German tabloid magazine 'Das Neue Blatt' Nr. 15. This made me very sad at first sight, but I don't believe everything unless I hear it from the persons in question themselves. I read the article on page 6 and 7. I wonder if this story is by Caroline MacMillan regarding the likeliness with the name Kate Miller. Then we have a real problem. If the story is true it will not affect on my love for you. I think I understand the problem perfectly well and I can imagine that you love to have new children in this stage of your life. To be sincere it is also my highest desire to start a new family and I long for two daughters and a lovely woman to share my life. I have only you in mind and no one else. I hope you carry my photograph in that white bag on page 7. The Mirror has no horoscope today. Just a horseshoe on the backside of the paper. It reminds me of that sunny August Day in Covent Garden when that dear lady offered me the bunch of heather with the words 'It brings you luck'. Also an article on page 5 about your properties. When we can make a Family Company of Instituto Cervantes Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, England and Wales all our problems will be solved.