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MR. L.R. JELL AND D. MAHER ALDENHAM HERTFORDSHIRE WD2 BBP ENGLAND UNITED KINGDOM Date: 30 March 2004 Concerns: THANKSGIVING Reference: 20040330JHLRJ&DM Dear Leslie and David, Herewith I express my deepest gratitude for the services that you rendered me in Torremolinos and that you took notice of my letter of 24 December 2003. Yesterday I received the result of the medical investigation by my internist. The result is positive. My liver functions as it should and my blood pressure is normal again. So I can prepare myself for the coming months. We did not have the occasion for an intensive conversation in your bungalow but I think I already told you the most important issue about Diana. Diana used a hidden agenda like all my colleagues used to do during my management training in 1988. I was convinced that She had accepted my proposal to start together the Dutch-English Family Company Van der Heyden/Spencer with the name Instituto Cervantes Benelux, England and Wales and to come and live in the Netherlands. In fact I received that message already on the 23d of April 1997 by Her bodyguard Sergeant David Sharp at ETON COLLEGE.

During that conversation with him - which I have mentionned on page 214 of my book Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales - Mr Sharp showed me the copies of all my letters that I had written to Her as from September 1996. Since She visited me for the first time in Nijmegen on the 8th of September. They were copies of all my official letters. On official paper and in the envelopes of INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX of which I am the legal owner.

At the end of our conversation - which lasted from about 2.00 till 3.00pm - Mr. Sharp said to me:
"I advise you to stay away from the Royal Palaces for the time being, Mr. Van der Heyden". On which I replied: "All Right, Sir. For the time being. But you can not change my plans. I will be back in England in the last week of August and I advise you to have taken all security measures that are necessary. " His answer: "All Right, Sir. It was a pleasure to meet you. Please continue writing.You may expect an official letter from Kensington Palace in the first half of September". I hope he has a video or audio tape of that conversation. At least Headmaster Lewis knows everything about it. It will solve a lot of problems. Of course they can confirm all my statements in court before the judge although I expect a favourable judgement from H.R.M. The Queen like She did regarding Paul Burrell. In the county court of Northampton I am known to 1661 team 1 of COUNTY COURT BULK CENTRE 4TH FLOOR ST. KATHERINE'S HOUSE 21-27 ST KATHERINE'S STREET NORTHAMPTON NN1 2LH regarding claim number XH 2 04462 of 7 May 2002. The abbreviation 'LH' means to me 'Liesbeth Halbertsma' (Elizabeth), the name of my Colleague and former managing director of the Management Institute de Baak of the Dutch Employer's organization in Noordwijk until 31-12-1998. She has had her horse dressage training in Henley-on-Thames where also my story with Diana started on the 6th of August 1996. I think that was the basic motive for Diana to go and have horse riding lessons from Mr major James Hewitt. My colleague of the Royal Cavalry. Because Mr Hewitt had the same initials as I have. I noticed that She separated from Prince Charles two weeks after I had founded the Foundation (Stg.) Cervantes Benelux (08-10-1992. See next card from our Royal House that was sent on the day of the disaster in Madrid).

I am specificly very happy with the brochure you gave me on last Monday 8th of March. I showed it on my web page THE ALMOST VISIBLE MANAGER. It shows exactly what we were doing. Diana in the red and purple dresses. The House Colours of Instituto Cervantes Benelux (purple like heather) and Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales (red).

My Lady in the colours of INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX and

It is so obvious. I still can not understand how people believed all the gossip in the newspapers and I still agree completely with Charles' first reaction after the fatal kidnapping attempt that caused Her death. It is getting more and more clear that Diana was the victim of a carefully planned Egyptian action. In that sense I think Mr Mohamed Al Fayed is right in believing that it was a conspiracy. But the main suspect of that conspiracy was his own son. I regret his death but to me there is not any doubt. It is not my custom to judge about deceased persons because they can not defend themselves anymore. But regarding Mr Dodi Fayed I can only say that he ruined in six weeks time what we had carefully built up in five years time before.


Mr. Mohamed Al Fayed has already admitted that his son was planning to take Her to his apartment on the Champs Elysées in Paris in the fatal night. Against Her own free will of course as already has been proved by Mr. Paul Burrell in his book A Royal Duty. Nevertheless it seems that Mr. Burrell has not realised that Diana had ordered him to safeguard Her belongings on behalf of our planned Family Company Instituto Cervantes Limited England and Wales. I think that can easily be proved. After having studied his book and all the relevant publications about what happened in the early morning of Sunday the 31st of August 1997 I have no other conclusion. This might be confirmed by Mr. Anthony Julius of Mishcon de Reya of 21 Southampton Row London WC1B 5HS. He still seems to collaborate closely with Lady Sarah McCorquodale. In 1995 my mother knitted a spencer. It was exactly the same one that I also found in your brochure of Althorp House.

It represents my Dream of Red and Yellow of which I wrote a poem for Elizabeth on occasion of St. Nicholas, the 5th of December 1990 in Noordwijk. I wore that spencer for the last time during a meeting with colleagues of teachers in Spanish in February 1995 in Han-sûr-Lesse in Belgium. My Belgian colleagues asked me at that time if they had to call me 'Majesty'. You may understand that I was flattered by that denomination since it was pronounced by high qualified teachers and my medieval ancestors were called 'Sire'. That indicates the historical relationship that exists between the Spencers and Van der Heydens already as from the times of Emperor Charlemagne (van Heyden) who had his Palace here in Nijmegen, my native town, that we were going to rebuild for Diana and me. Next summer I would be pleased to come over to Althorp House to help Diana's Family receiving guests, guiding them around and signing my book at their gift shop. I request you to introduce me to Earl Charles on that behalf. I only ask to cover my expenses and lodging on the estate. From 25 till 30 July I am probably needed during a conference of the European Association of Teachers in Spanish in Segovia. Afterwhile I will probably be free until the 28th of September, the seventh anniversary of my proposed wedding day in Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. I think that event must have a special character this year. A kind of conmemorance in the Anglical Chapel of Palace Het Loo. Today is the 85th anniversary of my mother, the third anniversary of the engagement of our crown prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima and the funeral of our Queen Mother Juliana. I never believed in 'coincidences' and I will never do. Hope to hear from you soon.