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Thursday, 27-02-1997
I start with a flash back of yesterday. I saw the survey of your dresses in Sun Woman. I would appreciate if you would not sell the deep
purple dress of 1991. It means the world to me. It reminds of the 5th of January of 1991 that I also discussed with George yesterday. That day I made the most important decision in my life when I had to tell Elizabeth that I decided to start a Management Institute in Spain. Elizabeth and me we were a very strong team and our company Nieuw Elan depended completely on both of us. I had to choose for a new future however and I had to leave her. Of course she could not continue her very hard job alone. That became the end of her company. But that purple dress you were wearing means to me the start of a new life. Please keep it. The meeting with George was very pleasant. I told him that my ultimate goal is to compose and execute the Educational Programme for prince William and leave the management of the Cervantes organization to good managers. It had been a long time ago that we could change our experiences. George and I also formed a very good team at the time. His age is 55 now however and he does not intend to take new responsiblities. Nevertheless he promised me to look for a commercial manager and participants in the working companies within a week. He will also keep in contact with Elizabeth. I also visited the office of Content at the airport. I need the exploitation figures in order te make a calculation for the Schiphol Project. I gave them my letter of appointment in England that they will hand over to ST. George advised me to discuss the establishment of Cervantes Recruitment & Selection first with Amsterdam Airport. I will. Another chapter is the determination of a ransom in order to solve the problem of the name with the Spaniards. Therefore I visited a bar near the Amsterdam ArenA where they had a similar problem. Mr. Maarten Oldenhof tackled that situation. I advised to reserve the royal loge when there will be a match between Ajax and Real Madrid.
The auction of your dresses. You are 35 now and it reminds me of what my former director once told us that every person changes from skin each seven years. You find yourself in the fifth period of transition now and although it is very hard to say farewell to a former period you have already entered your sixth period now in another appearance and another role. I am leaving my seventh period at the moment and am really looking forward to the new British challenge that I see before me. And surely also will take the lead also in your favour. Yesterday was the first occasion I could speak my heart out after six years to George. He gave me his moral support and I also hope to count on the moral support of your friends in England. I will send a letter to the editor of The Sun that I will not admit the use of the term 'Queen of Hearts' in situations before 7-10-96.The risky enterprise concerns Monarchy. Today a group of Dutch 'prominents' opened an attack on Monarchy. The article is on the front page of 'De Telegraaf' and mr Röell - our ambassador in BRUSSELS - seems to be their target. I had a conversation with Mr Röell on 6-11-96. That day I also visited the Laekense Straat in BRUSSELS where I left four golden hearts on the wall. I am not very lucky with the action of those gentlemen. We need monarchy for the stability of our society. Nevertheless I will take action to The Sun now!

I sent the editor the following message: "I took notice of the Title 'Queen of Hearts' on page 16 of The Sun of Tuesday, February 25, 1997. It concerns a situation of November 4, 1985. The Title 'Queen of Hearts' was introduced by me on 7 October 1996. I will not allow the press to use this term without my approval and will take legal actions to avoid misunderstandings in the future."

Now I ask your help in setting up the Princess Diana Fund and bring your shares into the fund so that I can have a start in collaboration with the International Lion's Organization. I will report this to my District's Governour. I am waiting but I reach the deadlines. I will send a fax to Elizabeth and will ask her support of all my action plans. At this moment the Princess Diana Fund has a great priority. I can not accept that you are contineously abused. When I have the company running I come and help you. For ever!